Seattle – Day 1

We arrived yesterday to rain (surprise, surprise). The city is absolutely amazing! It reminds me of a west coast Boston but cleaner and greener. Right now I'm sitting un an espresso shop on a street corner that is being run by a Korean man with a wonderful sense of humor, and his son. I love these random moments in different cities. The photo posted is another random thing. I could post pics of the Space Needle but how fun would that be? I also got a pic of a man who claimed to be a cat whisperer complete with costumed cat.
We passed a shop that sold kilts for guys. I tried to talk Ruben into it but to no avail. I knew plenty of guys in Boston that wore kilts to the underground clubs we used to go to.

We went to Pikes Place Market yesterday. You can get every kind of ethnic food imagineable there. Bouquets of flowers sit wrapped in brown paper. One can't help be drawn to them. We passed a Middle-Eastern shop that sold Belly Dancing items. It was hard to pass up the silver chain belt with onyx inlay and a gazillion shiny coins dangling from it, but I did. Its not like I'm performing yet so why spend the money?
Seattle is a really cool place. I even saw a few Curt Kobain wannabes. I've heard rumors they still exist. Guess its true. 🙂
On to the next adventure…

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Sibling Rivalry

Monsoon, our ferret, has been with us for almost 5 years.  Up until January of this year she had enjoyed the "only child" status.  Abby, our corgi mix, came to us from my husband's niece when her living arrangements changed and she could no longer keep her.  Monsoon may weigh a fraction of what Abby weighs but she has proven that she is boss and rules the roost with an iron fist (or should I saw paw?).


"No pets on the couch, Abby!  Oh wait.  Ssshhhh!"






"Mom, Abby is in my room again, and no I won't share that sock behind me with her!"






Before retiring for the evening Monsoon likes to stop at the local Weasel Watering Hole for a nightcap.  It's a tough job running a household but a ferret's gotta do what a ferret's gotta do!



It's never a dull moment in our home and these two definitely keep me on my toes! 😀

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Snowy Arizona Camping

Here are my Happy Campers, Abby & Radar on our way to Happy Jack, AZ for a weekend of R & R with Friends. 

 We had just driven through the Strawberry- Pine area of the White Mountains when the rain turned over to snow.  It was absolutely beautiful.  I mainly had my camera phone to take pictures with so I was able to get a few shots before it conked out on me.

We met our friends out in the woods at Tonto State Forest.  Their kids were already playing in the snow.  Their two year old son had already mastered the joy of making snow balls and throwing them at people which was very cute.  This was his first time seeing snow ever.


The downfall to camping in this weather was that the heater went out in the camper.  Luckily our friends had a portable tent heater which we used at night.  After a few snafus, which included the refrigerator going out in their camper and also not being able to get the generator started, we were all able to enjoy the weekend.  We went through three pots of coffee Saturday morning due to the cold.  In the evenings we bundled up and sat by the fire.  Towards the end of the weekend we were able to see the stars up through the ponderosa pines which appeared so close and so bright.


In addition to the heater not working, our hot water wasn't either.  On Sunday my husband Ruben heated up a pot of water, mixed it with some room temperature water and took a "bath" of sorts.  Feeling kind of scrubby myself, I tried this method out and I couldn't help but feel like one of the cowboys in Lonesome Dove.  It felt pretty good.

This Memorial Day Weekend camping trip will go down in history as the snowiest Arizona trip so far.  I will never forget this one and this fluke snowstorm.  Neither will Ruben or our friends.  Let's hope the 4th of July trip produces some warmer weather.  This is Arizona afterall.

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Please Help The Hittle Family

I am putting this out there for anyone who might be willing to help this family out.  Below is the original message I received from Richie Laser of Keller Williams Realty:
We at Keller Williams Realty Sonoran Living are holding a Raffle. Yes, you can win a 52" LCD HD Flat Panel TV, but that's not what is important here.
You see there is a young man in our office that has a three year old son. His name is Beau. Beginning in December Beau started having seizures. He is diagnosed with a rare disease called Doose Syndrome. One in 50,000 children are inflicted. Beau can have between 15 to 20 seizures in a single day!
So yes, we're holding a Raffle to win a great TV. But that is not what's important! We're selling tickets for Ten Dollars a piece, because Beau's insurance can not cover anywhere near enough the medical expenses his family will incur. Beau's Dad has to take on two additional jobs. And it's still not enough.
If you would like to help Beau and his family by buying Raffle tickets PLEASE let me know. The medical treatments are occuring now so they need the money as soon as possible.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Please send checks made out to "The Now Foundation" to:

Keller Williams Realty
4621 E. Chandler Blvd Suite 160
Phoenix Az 85048
Att: Richie Laser
Thanks in advance to anyone that can help!

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The Most Annoying Dog Toy Ever!

Most dogs enjoy a good squeek toy but when my husband brought home the squeek toy from hell this past weekend I started to question my sanity –his too!

This is not your average squeek toy.  It is so loud that it sounds like a wounded animal being tortured.  It's quite disturbing to say the least and I'm finding it hard to believe that my neighbors have not called the police on us yet.

This was our conversation the other night while hanging out in the yard with Abby, our dog, like we usually do after work:

Ruben: Will you..(squeek, SQUEEK, SQUEEK, squeek)

Me: What?

Ruben: Will you get (SQUEEK, squeek, sqeeek, SQUEEEEEK!)

Me: Get you what?

Ruben: [spoken very quickly}: aglassofwine???

Me: We have to do something about that.  No dog toy should ever be so loud we can't hold a conversation.

Ruben: [Something inaudible over the squeeking but I think he has agreed with me] 

This toy squeeks when Abby bites into it and then squeeks again when it reinflates itself.  We've tried offering her a bone and other toys to now avail.  I'm starting to hear the darn thing in my sleep.  At least she's happy.


Annoying Dog Toy 3Annoying Dog Toy 2Annoying Dog Toy 1



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