The Most Annoying Dog Toy Ever!

Most dogs enjoy a good squeek toy but when my husband brought home the squeek toy from hell this past weekend I started to question my sanity –his too!

This is not your average squeek toy.  It is so loud that it sounds like a wounded animal being tortured.  It's quite disturbing to say the least and I'm finding it hard to believe that my neighbors have not called the police on us yet.

This was our conversation the other night while hanging out in the yard with Abby, our dog, like we usually do after work:

Ruben: Will you..(squeek, SQUEEK, SQUEEK, squeek)

Me: What?

Ruben: Will you get (SQUEEK, squeek, sqeeek, SQUEEEEEK!)

Me: Get you what?

Ruben: [spoken very quickly}: aglassofwine???

Me: We have to do something about that.  No dog toy should ever be so loud we can't hold a conversation.

Ruben: [Something inaudible over the squeeking but I think he has agreed with me] 

This toy squeeks when Abby bites into it and then squeeks again when it reinflates itself.  We've tried offering her a bone and other toys to now avail.  I'm starting to hear the darn thing in my sleep.  At least she's happy.


Annoying Dog Toy 3Annoying Dog Toy 2Annoying Dog Toy 1



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