Snowy Arizona Camping

Here are my Happy Campers, Abby & Radar on our way to Happy Jack, AZ for a weekend of R & R with Friends. 

 We had just driven through the Strawberry- Pine area of the White Mountains when the rain turned over to snow.  It was absolutely beautiful.  I mainly had my camera phone to take pictures with so I was able to get a few shots before it conked out on me.

We met our friends out in the woods at Tonto State Forest.  Their kids were already playing in the snow.  Their two year old son had already mastered the joy of making snow balls and throwing them at people which was very cute.  This was his first time seeing snow ever.


The downfall to camping in this weather was that the heater went out in the camper.  Luckily our friends had a portable tent heater which we used at night.  After a few snafus, which included the refrigerator going out in their camper and also not being able to get the generator started, we were all able to enjoy the weekend.  We went through three pots of coffee Saturday morning due to the cold.  In the evenings we bundled up and sat by the fire.  Towards the end of the weekend we were able to see the stars up through the ponderosa pines which appeared so close and so bright.


In addition to the heater not working, our hot water wasn't either.  On Sunday my husband Ruben heated up a pot of water, mixed it with some room temperature water and took a "bath" of sorts.  Feeling kind of scrubby myself, I tried this method out and I couldn't help but feel like one of the cowboys in Lonesome Dove.  It felt pretty good.

This Memorial Day Weekend camping trip will go down in history as the snowiest Arizona trip so far.  I will never forget this one and this fluke snowstorm.  Neither will Ruben or our friends.  Let's hope the 4th of July trip produces some warmer weather.  This is Arizona afterall.

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4 thoughts on “Snowy Arizona Camping

  1. Thanks! Abby (the little white dog) loved camping so much that my husband had to pick her up and put her in the truck to leave. She tried to hide when we were just about to hit the road.
    And yes, it was definitely cold! 😉

  2. That sounds very fun, if a little chilly. Your doggies look very happy in the car.

  3. Yes, we were really lucky to see it. When it turned to rain on Saturday I was actually disappointed.

  4. Wow … snow! I kind of miss it, since we really didn't get any here this year.

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