Seattle – Day 1

We arrived yesterday to rain (surprise, surprise). The city is absolutely amazing! It reminds me of a west coast Boston but cleaner and greener. Right now I'm sitting un an espresso shop on a street corner that is being run by a Korean man with a wonderful sense of humor, and his son. I love these random moments in different cities. The photo posted is another random thing. I could post pics of the Space Needle but how fun would that be? I also got a pic of a man who claimed to be a cat whisperer complete with costumed cat.
We passed a shop that sold kilts for guys. I tried to talk Ruben into it but to no avail. I knew plenty of guys in Boston that wore kilts to the underground clubs we used to go to.

We went to Pikes Place Market yesterday. You can get every kind of ethnic food imagineable there. Bouquets of flowers sit wrapped in brown paper. One can't help be drawn to them. We passed a Middle-Eastern shop that sold Belly Dancing items. It was hard to pass up the silver chain belt with onyx inlay and a gazillion shiny coins dangling from it, but I did. Its not like I'm performing yet so why spend the money?
Seattle is a really cool place. I even saw a few Curt Kobain wannabes. I've heard rumors they still exist. Guess its true. 🙂
On to the next adventure…

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2 thoughts on “Seattle – Day 1

  1. Thanks! Sorry for the late response to your message. I was posting from my phone and couldn't respond to comments.
    We had a wonderful time. We were also in Alaska and Canada. (Brrr!)

  2. sounds like you're having a lovely time :)I can't wait to see more photos.

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