Seattle-Day 2

This is the type of old lady I hope to become someday. She is dancing by herself in the rain to the band playing at the Public Market. –Gal after my own heart. Barefoot, too. Good thing we don't have any kids to embarass.
We explored the city some more yesterday. Ruben asked me if I missed living in the city. I really do after having grown up in one. But I have found a peace I have never known in the desert with him.

We stopped for a beer at a Mexican restaurant and sat at a tin card table while huddled under an umbrella in the rain. A woman carrying about five bouquets of flowers from the market place was descending the stairs. I grabbed my camera and took a quick picture. It came out great but then I must've hit the damn delete button by accident.

Last night we stopped for drinks before dinner. We sat outside and I was shocked to see the clock on the building across the street read 9pm. It was still broad daylight outside! The sun does not set here until 9:30 or so. Even then it stays light for awhile. We met a couple sitting over at the next table. They were from Indiana and were visiting for the weekend. After chatting for awhile we invited them to join us for dinner. We had a blast. Some of the best times are complete happenstance. We exchanged email addresses and invited them to visit us in Phoenix.

Today we took one last trip to Pikes Place Market where we breakfasted on pastries from a Russian bakery and coffee from the original Starbucks. Ruben got a book from a very controversial leftist bookstore. Every conspiracy theory and then some are there.

We talked about how our lives would be if we lived here. Would we go down to the market to pick up fresh meats and seafood? I know I would be buying those incredible bouquets of flowers weekly.

To my Vox neighbors, I'm reading your posts but haven't been able leave comments. Down and Dirty, your Saturday night sounded wonderful! A massage, beer, and a cool movie. What more could a girl ask for?

Six Weasels, that is too funny about your cat! I had a rabbit once named Jake who turned out to really be a Jackie! Not sure how I missed that one.

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