Home At Last…

We arrived home last night from a wonderful trip.  It seems like we have been gone forever.  It was nice to feel that Phoenix heat after experiencing cold rain for most of the time we were gone.  Skagway was especially cold.  Ruben and I bought winter hats while there.  Funny enough Skagway in the Tlingit language aptly means 'place of the north wind.' 

Luckily I took today off.  I was going to get some laundry started but my luggage has yet to arrive.  It somehow never made it onto our flight, yet everyone else we were travelling with got theirs.  I'm a bit nervous but the baggage claim people told me it was just delayed and not lost when I inquired about it this morning.

I feel a little out of it this morning.  My body is still rocking to the waves of the ship although I am sitting here now in the desert.  I didn't drink nearly enough water so I can really feel it.  I'll be slamming it today.

It was nice to see the girls when we got home.  I don't think Abby really cared that we were gone.  I expected her to be maniacally jumping all over Ruben when he walked in but she just wagged her tail a bit and that was it.  Monsoon was asleep in her sleeping bag when I picked her up.  She cuddled up close and licked my face.  She and I have a bond that Ruben will never understand.  I placed her on the bed and she did the happy weasel war dance before dive bombing behind the pillows.  My niece said that was the most she saw her move over the past week and a half.  I said 'that's because shes happy.'  I don't think poor Monsoon got out much over the last week.

I actually looked forward to coming home.  For many years I would be extremely depressed when thinking about coming home from a vacation.  Looking back now I don't think I was a very happy person.  I don't think I realized when I was younger that I had so much control in creating a life that would make me happy.  It's nice to want to come home.

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