Sockless in Seattle…

I took this picture of Monsoon on the morning we left for Seattle almost two weeks ago.  I thought 'awww, look at the cute little ferret in my suitcase.  She wants to come, too.' 

I snapped the picture and left the room. 

Once in Seattle I was looking for my socks.  I knew I had packed several pairs.  Where the heck did they go?

Then it hit me like a ton of bricks.  That sweet little creature to the left had rooted them out and hid them.  –All of them!  Thus leaving me Sockless in Seattle (and Alaska and Canada, too!)

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4 thoughts on “Sockless in Seattle…

  1. I'm glad you enjoyed it Paxton. šŸ™‚ As of this post I have not found those socks.

  2. I have yet to find where the little tail-less wonder has ditched mine. I wonder why they choose socks over anything else.

  3. Vinnie does that to Lee with the socks in his closet all the time!

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