Dark Places

I took this picture on an underground tour of old Seattle which was incredible.  I've had a fascination with old buildings my whole life so this tour really helped satisfy that craving.

This picture just describes my mood today.  It has been four days since returning from vacation and either the airline or the cruiseline has lost my entire suitcase.  I have remained hopeful that it would turn up to no avail.  I'm trying to not to give up hope but I am ready to scream because of the lack of help I have received from the cruiseline.  All they are telling me is to fill out a claim.  Why isn't anyone looking for my damn luggage?  It has been very frustrating to say the least.

I talked to a good friend of mine this morning who was also on vacation with us.  She was going to the dentist to get some teeth pulled.  She seemed really nervous about it and she is normally one of the calmest people I know.  After spending a good 15 minutes bitching about my luggage, she started to cry.  Then it hit me.  She is a widow.  Her husband died about 5 years ago after visiting a dentist.  Apparently it was a freak accident and he ended up having a heart attack after a severe reaction to the  anesthesia he was given.  I felt like such a heal!  I can't even imagine what that must feel like.  I think I could have cried the rest of the way to work.  She has a son who she is doing a fine job at raising on her own.  He is becoming quite the young man at 15.  In addition to being a great friend, she has also been my next door neighbor for the past 4 years.

It's been a really strange day.  Ruben and I fought over money and we rarely argue over anything.  It was to the point that I was texting him from my phone so I wouldn't disturb my co-workers with my yelling.  He has a friend he is trying to help out financially right now and although I respect his loyalty to his friend, we are freakin' broke after returning from vacation.  It will at least be another month before we are caught up.  Not only that but if I don't get my luggage returned, I'm going to have to replace a few things.  I was already wondering how I might pay for those things and get the bills paid.  I manage the finances so as you can imagine I pretty much went through the roof  when asked to take money out of our savings account for someone else.

Well, just like the picture above, there was some light that shone through the dark today.  Around 11am today I got a call with the manager I interviewed with yesterday.  I have been hired and I start my new job on 6/30th.  Woo-hoo!  I have subcontracted with a large corporation for the past 2.5 years and now they are hiring me as a full-time employee!!!  This is truly a dream come true.  I already work with some amazing people who blow me away on a daily basis with their knowledge.  As a contract employee I have been limited to the tools I can use.  I can't wait to start learning these new things.  As a bonus, they cover insurance 100% with no deductibles and they will also cover my schooling!

Today is Ruben's birthday.  He said that my getting this job was a gift to him.  I said maybe I'll make more money so I can start supporting your broke friends.  ;-)  –I'm kidding.  I didn't really say that.  Well, it's off to our favorite Mexican watering hole for a celebratory drink.  I may of course be scraping change from the car floormats but hey, whatever works, right?

Tomorrow is a new day; one that will hopefully bring back my luggage.    

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