Happy 40th Birthday, Ruben!!!

This post is in honor of my husband Ruben who turned 40 yesterday. 

The picture to the left was taken in April 1969.  Funny enough the little car he's driving doesn't look too much different than what he was driving when we met 4 years ago.

From what I'm told he didn't sleep much so his Mom didn't get much of a break.  He was a very happy baby though.  In every old picture I have of him he is smiling.







This is my absolutely favorite picture of my husband while he was growing up.  The saddle is almost as big as he is.

Growing up in a city I can't even fathom owning a horse.  Ruben has introduced me to many things since moving to the Southwest.

Here he is with his older brother, sisters and Dad in El Paso, TX in Spring 1971.









He once got in trouble for speaking Spanish in class.  Such is the life of a child in a bilingual household.  We personally speak Spanglish at home.  Actually I do.  He's fluent.


This man can make a mean green chile and beef like nobody's business!  When having a party our friends ask who is doing the cooking.  I know that they are all secretly hoping it's him.  From his BBQ ribs, homemade tacos, and homemade sangria, I've never met a better cook.  I am the lucky recipient of some great meals on a regular basis.



This is Ruben today.  I posted this picture because I love the peaceful stress-free smile on his face.  This was taken last week while on vacation. 







One thing he has is a great sense of humor.  This was taken in Skagway, Alaska at a Russian Shop.  I came around the corner and there he was with the silly hat.  The goatee actually makes him look somewhat authentic, don't you think?

Laughter is plentiful at home.  Once during a get together, I asked him what my vegetarian friends were going to eat.  With a straight face he told me to tell them to go out back and graze in the yard.  He needed to mow the lawn anyway.

I would also like to point out that the week of our wedding in April 2006, Ruben and a few friends transformed our backyard from a dust bowl to a beautiful desert garden oasis where we hosted our rehearsal dinner.  The sod was laid only a few hours before. 

After dating for six months we went to NYC and Boston to see my family.  I knew after that trip that I would be with him for the rest of my life.  Lucky me.

This is my picture blog to honor my husband on his birthday.  I hope in another 40 years I will still be blogging about our adventures together.

Happy Birthday, Honey.

(Listo, mi amor?)

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2 thoughts on “Happy 40th Birthday, Ruben!!!

  1. Please wish Lee a very happy birthday from us! 🙂

    I also turned 40 this year and am six weeks older than Ruben. He jokes that he is into older women. 😉

  2. Your Ruben and my Lee are the same age … we just celebrated Lee's 40th in May. Happy birthday to him, and what a wonderful gift this is!

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