When Did We Become Such Slugs?


Before I get into this post and Ruben's and my current stay in 'Slugdom,' I needed to post the following picture.  Six Weasels, this is for you.  Your posts have become part of my morning ritual and I have read them over many a cup of coffee.  I hope this makes you laugh as many of your posts have made me laugh. 




(Now just picture him with a purple belly dancing scarf with silver coins hanging from it ,and no shoes, and that's pretty much how I felt the other night.  Thanks for laughing with me over that one –Jennifer).


It has been over a week since we returned from vacation and Ruben and I have come to the conclusion that we are both slugs.  This could have something to do with the fact that upon returning to our beloved Phoenix, the temperature had shot up to 110+ degrees.  We are usually pretty active people so this lack of motion has really been apparent.  Last week I heard the tv volume go down in Ruben's tv room (aka: the Man Cave).  I was sitting at the computer in the kitchen either blogging, reading email, or checking my bank account or something when I hear him yell out to me.  "Hey babe?"


"Have you noticed that we have been complete slugs lately?

"Yes, we have been, haven't we?"

"Why do you think that is?" 

Well I could make up a million excuses to why we are in this current state but I do know one thing; it has to stop.  Besides the Tuesday night dance class, I have not done squat since we were on the boat a few weeks ago, and boy do I feel it!

I had commmitted myself to eating healthy this year and making exercise a part of my regular

routine.  This past December I signed both Ruben and I up at a gym.  He and I were consistently going for such a long time.  As work headed towards the fiscal year end, I found myself staying late and skipping the gym.  My workouts have dwindled and now it has been at least a month since I've been back to the gym.  

Well all this is about to change.  Starting this Saturday I will get my butt out of bed and head over to the kick-boxing class.  On Sunday there is a Latin dance class that I will be partaking in as well.  I also have not weighed myself since before vacation (gulp).  I figured I would wait until Monday to survey the damage.  At least at that point I will have two workouts under my belt.  

And water!  I have not had nearly as much water as I should be drinking.  The only fruit I had over vacation was in a mango martini.  Somehow I don't think that really counts.


I have no more excuses.  My darling husband bought me a new pair of sneakers over the weekend to replace the pair in my luggage.  I just feel 'mushy,' if that makes sense.  Maybe I'll take Abby for a walk after work.  I could also get up a half hour early to walk her before work.  The Abinator would like that, too.

This all sounds like a great idea now but come 5pm I may be fighting the feelings of wanting to plop down and watch TV in a nice air conditioned room.  I will instead take myself by the ear and go do something productive.





As Tony Little says, "You can do it!"   Now if blogging only burned calories I would be in great shape! 






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2 thoughts on “When Did We Become Such Slugs?

  1. I will be snarfing anything diet right along with you from here on out! 😉 It is very hard to stay motivated with exercise –that is for sure! What I like about the belly dancing classes and the Latin dance classes is that they really require me to use a lot of my mind. So not only am I getting a workout for the body, I'm getting one for the mind, too!
    I'm glad you enjoyed the Urkel pictures. It sounds like you were having a tough day the other day so I hope this cheered you a bit. 🙂

  2. I am soooo snarfing my diet gingerale right now – thanks for the laugh! Also, you are my get-motivated-to-be-active hero at the moment, because I am sooo having a hard time doing anything more than the basics these days. You've found ways to make this whole workout thing FUN!

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