West Valley Brush Fire

Late Wednesday afternoon I happened to be looking out the window from the high-rise I work in downtown Phoenix, and noticed a  huge black cloud of smoke filling the sky from the area we live in.

I phoned my husband, who then reassured me that this fire was not in our neighborhood but only a few blocks away.  This fire started by lightening strikes and has stayed mainly across the street near the mountains.  It is still disconcerting to look out and see the smoke still rising days later.

Friends of ours in Chandler can smell the smoke from there and have even had ashes falling in their neighborhood.

We are lucky that the fire has not spread out of the brush from which it is still currently burning.  No homes or businesses have been damaged. 


The picture above was taken Friday evening while I stood on a chair in our backyard.  At times it even blocked out the sun, as you can see in the pictures taken around my neighborhood below.




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3 thoughts on “West Valley Brush Fire

  1. Yes, it's a little scary and just too darn close for comfort. I don't see any smoke today yet so I'm hoping we're done with it.

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