Sometimes Change Can Be Scary…

Recently I was going through some old pictures from grade school.  One thing that struck me is that I have exactly the same hair style now at 40 as I did at 8.  My hair is curly.  I can wear it short or or I can wear it long.  That's pretty much it.  I choose to wear it long because I'm still holding onto some kind of grudge against my Mom for cutting it so short when I was little.  Her excuse is that she couldn't get a comb through it.  I seem to vaguely remember being wrapped in a fluffy towel after bath time with my face buried in my hands while my head tilted to the rhythm of a severe combing.  To this day having my hair pulled has never bothered me.  I think I know why.  I tease her that she scarred me for life.

The one big difference in those grade school pictures is that I am completely gray now and require a bottle of Nice & Easy in basic black every couple of weeks.  I don't splurge on a salon.  I cut my hair myself with the kitchen scissors, which I've heard is the worst thing you can ever do.  The hair color does not cost more than $6.00 a box.  I knew when I turned 40 that it was going to be time for a change.

A few weeks ago I made an appointment with a colorist named Chris.  I met her at her salon and told her what I was looking to do.  Chris looks just like a much blonder Kate Hudson but is covered with really cool vintage tattoos.  My co-workers use her and they all look stunning.   So a week from this Friday I will join the ranks of salon going women.  This will be strange for me.  I don't require a lot of excess and I wouldn't ever consider myself 'high-maintenance.'  I have a husband, home, hip weasel, and a hyundai.  H+H+H+H = Happiness.  Lots of happiness.

Last night I was really having second thoughts about this whole hair color change thing.  I was thinking I shouldn't spend the money.  What if I look like a punk rocker, etc…  So I got online and just searched.  It took a bit of digging but I found a lot of before and after pictures of women that decided to lighten their hair.  And wow, they looked amazing.  Of course they had a full make-over in the after picture but the hair color really did make these women look a lot younger.   Now I'm not looking for the fountain of youth here.  Just a change so that I feel good.  If I happen to look a little bit younger than so be it.

I found the following pictures online and I'm thinking this is what my colorist-to-be may have in mind.  What do you think?


Now if I could only look as cute as her with this hairstyle! 











I'll be printing these pictures and taking them with me to my appointment.  This appointment is a two shot deal.  I have to go in a week from Friday and then again on Saturday. 

I am a little scared by all this but I know without a shadow of a doubt that it is indeed time for a change.   

I will most likely post before and after photos.  Not sure about the makeover yet.  I won't push it.

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4 thoughts on “Sometimes Change Can Be Scary…

  1. I will definitely post the pictures when I have it done. Ruben is not big into change either and I actually got his approval of it last night too, so that was a plus. –Not that he has much of a choice but it's always nice to let your significant other know your plans. I wouldn't want him to run screaming from the house on that day. 😉

  2. My sister in law started letting the gray show in her hair, too and it is very becoming on her.
    Coloring all the time is a pain, isn't it? It always makes such a mess.

  3. I am worn out with the colour thing so I am going to start going lighter too…and eventually the grey will come out of the closet!

  4. I love the way she looks .. .specially in the second photo! I hope you post pictures of how yours turns out!

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