To Emu I say Thank You!

To Emu:  Thanks for filling me in on all the finer points of Australian slang!  I stayed up way past my bedtime but it was so worth it.


I haven't had an opportunity to use the words 'wanker' or a 'tosser' (hee, hee –those words still make me laugh!) but it's early yet.  😉

While chatting with the gals in the office today I asked if anyone had heard of 'Emo.'  Apparently that is used here in the states as well.  I'm so behind the times!

Thanks again for making me laugh so hard I almost fell out of my chair!

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6 thoughts on “To Emu I say Thank You!

  1. Too funny! Al Bundy is Ruben's hero. I'm trying to find a poster of him for the Man Cave.

  2. LOL! And yet another thing we have in common – my father LOVES Married with Children!

  3. I had never hard of Emo until last night. The 20-somethings in my office had all heard of it. I still have my Madonna t-shirt from her first concert tour in 1985. I guess I'm a little behind the times. 😉

  4. Ha ha. You're most welcome. Australians can't take complete credit for these terms though. Think they are actually English and we have just borrowed them from there.
    Emo actually an Americanism.

  5. She had me in complete hysterics last night. Ruben loves to watch 'Married With Children' reruns and all I can think of is Peggy Bundy's maiden name: Wanker. Imagine having inlaws named the Wankers? LOL.

  6. I simply ADORE the word wanker : )

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