Some Things Shouldn’t Happen But Do…

I've just returned to my desk.  Our receptionist called me to let me know that there was an emergency outside.  I ran up front to catch a glimpse of police cars, news crews, and an ambulance milling around on the street below the high-rise I work in.

On the one story building below, covered under a bloody blue sheet, was a body.  Someone jumped or fell to their death from the high-rise next door. This just happened within the past 10 minutes.  I feel completely numb.

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6 thoughts on “Some Things Shouldn’t Happen But Do…

  1. Yes, I'm still in shock. I just hope that poor family is doing okay.

  2. The news is saying now that he may have fallen. I've seen some terrible things in my life but I'd have to say this is the most disturbing.

  3. I feel sorry and sad everytime I heard news about death, but committing suicide is even sadder. I believe the man must be very depressed… God bless his family 😦

  4. OMG this is scary, that person suicide?

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