This is a follow up to my earlier post today.  It's been a really surreal day.  A few people in the office were crying.  My boss was working from home today so I sent him an email to let him know what was going on.  He gave people the option to go home if they chose to but most chose to stay.

I sat at my desk pretty much all day and didn't really leave at all unless I had to.  I kept thinking about this man's family.  They must have so many unanswered questions right now.  That poor family.  This man was probably someone's Dad or husband.  My eyes fill up just thinking about it.

The body stayed on the roof in plain view all afternoon while the police did their investigation.  What was so odd is that from where I was standing on the 14th floor I could look down and still see the world going on like nothing had happened.  There was the body on the roof still covered by the blue sheet and then down below there were actually union workers protesting infront of the building where the man jumped or fell.  People were still getting lunch at the restaurant that this body was on.  Catering was still being delivered to nearby office buildings.  It was the strangest thing to witness. 

I don't know if they finally took the man away.  I have not wanted to leave my desk.  But it is after 5pm and I need to go home.  Tonight is Latin dance.  I will not be partaking.  I'm going to go home and sit quietly with my husband for awhile.

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5 thoughts on “Surreality

  1. What a terrible event to live through – hugs

  2. Anyway, any picture of you doing some Latin Dance, Jenn? I wanna see if there's some 🙂

  3. Thanks Connie. I will do the same.

  4. ((hugs))I sent a prayer for the poor guy and his family last night, too…..

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