Seen In Phoenix

Have I mentioned that I love where I live?  There is so much here within the city that would make good blogging material.  Over the weekend I took a few pictures while I was out and about.  A few weeks ago my husband and I were driving by this area with all these run down little houses.  He explained to me that these were used to house Japanese Americans during World War 2.  This is a very sad part of Phoenix's past.  I guess these buildings had been located elsewhere throughout the city and then they were just stuck on this plot of land.


One very neat thing about Phoenix is that there are murals everywhere.  They are painted on the sides of buildings and on the sides of bridges underneath the freeway.  The photo below was taken outside of a menudo shop.  Menudo is a tripe soup (and was also the name of that boy band featuring Ricky Martin way back when).  The Virgin of Guadalupe is featured everywhere in this area.  She is the patroness of Mexico.  Her image adorns t-shirts, bumper stickers, and even car air fresheners.  In Spanish above her head it reads 'God Bless This Business.'  There's usually an angel underneath her but the angel here has been replaced by a man in a mariachi outfit. 


The next shot was taken from downtown Phoenix.  It's looking south to the aptly named South Mountains.  This was taken from where I work back in May.  I think that is the last time it really rained here.


Finally, my own backyard.  It's not much but it's a great place to sip wine and watch the stars.


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4 thoughts on “Seen In Phoenix

  1. Very interesting indeed. My husband is also a huge history buff. I'll have to ask him what he knows about it as well. Thanks for sharing that website. 🙂

  2. Actually may be getting confused. Was thinking that the prison camp in the town of Cowra was for Japanese-Australian but turns out it was actually for Japanese and Italian prisoners of war. See here:

    There is a big Japanese memorial garden in Cowra now. Really should go and see it some time.
    Will do some more research or ask my husband (who knows more about Australian history than I do) and let you know.

  3. I had no idea that happened in Australia as well. Recently I read a book on the history of Phoenix and it had mentioned these camps here. A lot of people lost their land at that time. There were many Japanese farmers here that owned beautiful flower gardens and orange groves. I'm actually quite surprised that these houses aren't in a more prominent place as a memorial or something. I took the picture in the back of a restaurant parking lot so they are quite hidden away.

  4. How interesting. Saw a movie about this once. Something similar happened to Japanese people in Australia during WW2. Dreadful really.

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