Moon Over Phoenix

While it's not quite as stunning as Karlos' pics of the moon, it caught my eye tonight after returning from yoga.

I thought it was quite beautiful.

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6 thoughts on “Moon Over Phoenix

  1. That is really cool. I love learning the history of words. I used to go to a Latin church and it was actually quite fascination to see where words in English, French, and Spanish derived from. Italian, and I believe Romanian, too.

  2. The word for coincidence in INdonesian is 'kebetulan' which is formed from the base word 'betul' which means true. I love that!

  3. I think you are right about that. If I were just coming home from work I may not have noticed that. It's nice to be seeing the world through 'yoga eyes' after class.

  4. That is really neat that you both took pictures of it at the same time. Sometimes you have to wonder if these things are coincidence or not. 😉

  5. Great shot! I always find the world looks more beautiful on the way home from yoga.

  6. Wow, kool and the gang that you saw it happen as well ; ] A lady in France took a shot of the moon a few months ago and I loaded one at the same time, they were almost exactly the same in every way and just so freaky that we both took a shot at the same time and then both loaded to vox as well. *karlos smiles* sweet stuff monsoon

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