Voting Day

Well, it's voting day. I'm standing in a really long line so it's given me a rare chance to blog. Although it is not fun waiting in a long line, it's great to see so many people that have come out to vote. The weather has cooled off a bit so its actually quite pleasant (and it beats being at work).

Its no secret that this country needs big changes fast. I'm casting my vote for Obama today. When I first heard him speak it touched me to tears. It felt like hope.

Many in line today have brought their elementary school age children. If I had children this would be a part of history in the making that I would want them to witness, too.

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5 thoughts on “Voting Day

  1. Obama is a phenomenal person. He is also a great orator. He is very elegant also. Young and modern. He gives confidence to a lot of people because he has a story that make them confident. He has a simple and direct communication that touch the people. It is a great thing that arrive to USA : You can be really proud of your democraty. But now he has immediatly to face at a dramatic situation regarding the economy, the level of life and of health of the population. He has to response at the greater challenge for reconcialiting the USA with the economy, the social wellness and also with the rest of the world by developing a right cooperation with the others in a winner winner style.

  2. He is, isn't he? I had to wait three hours outside today to get in to vote but it was worth it. I hope he wins and that his presidency will result in some much needed change for our country.

  3. I have a feeling he will too! Hooray for change!

  4. Good for you, Monsoon. He is a very eloquent speaker isn't he? Not enough politicians like that these days (anywhere in the world).

  5. Thanks for sharing the picture and YAY for Obama! I hope and I know he'll win!

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