Thankful Thursday

Today I left the house trying to name off all the things I'm thankful for.  I had a lot on my plate today and was a bit stressed out about it.  Well, it is the end of the day (for which I am also thankful for) and I also had some funny things happen today.

One of my chores today was to go and exchange some gift cards for some in smaller denominations.  I was told by the company yesterday on the phone that I'd be able to either do this on the phone or in the office.  Thinking I could save myself the delivery time, I went down to he office.  Lo and behold, the office had moved down the street.  After 30 minutes I found the office, parked in their garage, and walked inside to be told they don't handle gift cards in the office.  So I marched back to my office and called their 800 number and was told I had to go to the store to do this.  I was telling a coworker about this and she and I just burst out laughing.  It wasn't that funny when I was going through it but now I was hysterical. 

I also had to call a hotel for meeting space.  I kid you not.  This is how they answer the phone: "Wherever, whatever, we are the W Hotel.  Your wish is our desire.  What is your wish?" 

Talk about throwing me for a curve ball!  I almost answered 'a stiff drink and some Godiva chocolates.  If you can handle that we'll book our meeting with you.'  The girl connected me with someone in sales whose phone message completely rhymed and there was a line about him wishing he was at work to take my call.  I think I have contacted the Lolly Pop gang. 

I have to laugh at moments like these.  I'm grateful for moments like these.

Here are some other blessings in my life:

  1. My husband -his wisdom and insightfulness.  Also his sense of humor and some of the people he knows.  He actually knows someone named Stinky Ron (for obvious reasons).  He also knows a whole barrage of other characters with interesting names as well.
  2. It's almost Friday.
  3. Finally speaking up at work to get some help on certain items.  I don't like to make waves or get people in trouble so this is a big one for me.
  4. Knowing that a month from now I will board a great big ship bound for the Caribbean with my husband and family.  Some family members I have not seen in over two years.
  5. Getting a free upgrade to a suite on said great big ship.
  6. Knowing that if my Gram was still here, she would have celebrated her 98th birthday today.  Happy Birthday Gram.  I will miss you forever.
  7. The sun came out today.   

Be blessed my friends!

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3 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday

  1. Too funny about the hotel…I wonder what their reponse would have been if you did express your "wish"! 😉 You are so right…moments like those, when you can laugh at them, are blessings!
    Your trip sounds like it will bring more than just one blessing!

  2. Thanks Connie. I'm looking forward to it. You also have a blessed week!

  3. The upcoming trip sounds very exciting! Have a blessed week, Jenn!

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