Thankful Thursday

First off, I'm thankful that it is Thursday already.  :D.  I'm thankful that a co-worker pointed out the most spectacular sunset this evening.  The view from the 14th floor was amazing!  The sky literally looked on fire.  I was going to try to capture this on my camera phone but I know it wouldn't be the same as seeing. 

I'm thankful today that although I worried about not getting everything done I needed to at work, I was still able to by a decent hour.  I was also able to take a lunch break (imagine that!) 😉

I'm thankful for Christmas music.  There is a radio station that plays Christmas music non-stop from mid-November until the day after Christmas.  I usually wait until after Thanksgving to tune in but there is nothing like Christmas music to get you in the holiday mood!

I get to see my family two weeks from today!  Woo-hoo!


Here is another thing I'm grateful for:


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