Doing The Right Thing…

…doesn't always feel good.

This morning I arrived to work and just dragged myself through the day.  I can't quite figure out if I'm actually sick or if this is just extreme allergies.  The past two days I have come into contact with several people who I have really gotten to know the past couple of years.  I've let each one know that I'm leaving and my heart just felt so broken today. 

At around noon I decided to come home.  I've just felt so crappy and have dragged butt all morning.  Once at home I took that Theraflu stuff that you mix with hot water like a tea.  I slept until 6pm.  I woke feeling so down.  Leaving this job is definetly the right decision.  I'm ready to go.  And I'm so tired.  I know this feeling will pass.  Thanks to services like Facebook, it will make it easier to stay in touch with my friends at work. 

Anyways, there is so much to look forward to.  Our anniversary is in a few weeks.  My birthday is coming up.  The weather is getting nicer so soon it will be time to take the camper out. 

And endings only mean one thing…

New beginnings.


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