Pottery – Take 3

Monday night I had my third lesson at the wheel. I'm slowly getting the hang of it. It is more difficult than what it seems.

A girlfriend came with me and it was fun to watch each others creations unfold.

In the photo is my attempt at a creamer & sugar bowl.

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Pottery – Before & After

A few weeks ago I had posted about how I had my first pottery lesson.  I finally got around to getting up to the studio today to pick up the items I had created then.  Here is what the before picture looked like:


This is what they look like today:


I'm really amazed at how the glaze turned out.  They of course looked nothing like this when painted.  Unfortunately the last piece in the lower right hand corner stuck to the kiln and cracked when removed.  Nothing a little super glue couldn't fix.

Below is my favorite piece.  It reminds me of a Japanese tea cup.  I did this by dipping it into a bucket of green glaze at an angle, and then after that dried, dipping the other side in red glaze.  The red didn't really come out but it looks interesting to me regardless.


Here is the inside of one other I created.  What I like about this type of glaze is that you'll never know what you're going to get.  One the pieces are fired in the kiln they create such a unique design that can't be duplicated.



In a few weeks I'll have the results of my second pottery lesson fresh out of the kiln.  I did some experimenting today with low-fire and high-fire glazes so it should be interesting.

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