More Pottery Creations…(take 3)

Unfortunately the few items I made awhile back including a coffee mug and a bowl, were placed into the wrong kiln and are no more.  Luckily they were just practice pieces and I hadn't placed as much work into them as the following items.




This is my first attempt at a sugar bowl.  I haven't quite mastered how to make the lids yet. 😉



Here is the matching creamer.



What looks like brown was supposed to be blue.  Sometimes you don't know what you get until it comes out of the kiln.



This one will most likely be brought out to the camper where it will hold salsa or sour cream, and it will double as a paper weight to keep the table cloth from flying off the picnic table.

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One thought on “More Pottery Creations…(take 3)

  1. The mouth making of a blue pot is good.
    The post passes as for weight at times.

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