QotD: 40 Days & 40 Nights

Many people choose to give something up for the 40-day period known as Lent that starts today, Ash Wednesday. If you observe this custom, what are you giving up and why? If you don't, tell us what you could never give up for 40 days.

Coffee!  This is something that I drink every single day without fail.  It's my one consistent vice so therefore in honor of Lent, I'm giving it up.

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House of Rain by Craig Childs

I read this book last summer when I first started getting into pottery.  It was by far one of the best books I've read.  Craig Childs traverses through the American Southwest, many times on his own, studying pottery shards of the ancient people in old ruins. 

His travels take him to Colorado, Utah, New Mexico, Northern Mexico, and of course Arizona.  I felt like I had taken a glimpse into the past and learned far more about the ancient native peoples than I did about the ins and outs of clay vessels; some of it disturbing, some of it intriguing, and all interesting and thought provoking.

Imagine being in a kyak by yourself when you stumble across an ancient dwelling along side the river.  Craig pulls his kyak onto the shore to investigate.  Inside there is a compartment that most likely houses a seed jar and other artifacts.  Rather than open up the stone compartment he leaves it.  He realized he may have been the first man to stumble across these dwellings since its inhabitants left many many years ago.  This is where his journey starts.  I, as the reader, am still wondering what he would have found had he pried open the stone compartment.

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Printer = 0, Me=1

Oh I am just the printing fool today!  A good portion of the business I work for relies on a super fly high-tech it to the max printing contraption with more moving parts than a ferris wheel.  Today was the day I had to figure out all those said moving parts.  I had placed a call in to the service department and then went back to messing with the settings.  Lo and behold the answer was right infront of me.  This contraption has something called a PCU. Photo Conductor Unit.  I'm not quite sure what it does but my graphics are back in stellar condition.  My co-worker called me a genius.  But so did some co-workers years ago who were greatly impressed when I displayed my technical prowess when turning the power off and then on again. Viola!  I've heard it been said that genius breeds insanity.  I'd prefer the former but the latter is probably more fitting.  Boy was the tech impressed when he called back to schedule a service appointment.  Well, most likely not. 



  The picture to the left is my office window.  This picture does it no justice.  I live in Phoenix, the land of perpetual summer and sun (today being the exception).  I'm happy when I get to do some paperwork in front of that window.  Solar energy isn't just good for the atmosphere and the deteriorating ozone layer. 

My husband was up early today to go to an orientation at a job center.  I noticed upon leaving that he was dressed in jeans with a hole in them.  I asked him if he was really planning on going in ripped jeans.  He said, yeah, this is the style now.  I responded that we are both almost 42.  We don't have a style.  He promised to change before leaving.  This is the first time he has ever been jobless in his entire life.  He has worked construction all these years and doesn't know anything else.  What sometimes seems so obvious to me working in the corporate world wouldn't even cross his mind. 

I saw Mr. Cantankerous again today.  Just 15 minutes in that man's presence puts me in instant need of a nap.  No amount of caffeine is going to help that.  He's just that draining. 

This past week I received an email from a girlfriend of mine that I have known for years.  She and her family are moving here.  I am very excited to have another girlfriend here.  She had visited about a year ago and said at that time that she was seriously considering moving here.  I have heard this from pretty much everyone that visits.  It is paradise here.  It is one of the most beautiful places in the world.  Then everyone goes home, gets back into their routine and all is forgotten.  I think though that she is serious.  She asked me recently to send her some links on some schools for her son.  She arrives next Friday for get the lay of the land and I cannot wait!  It will be great to have another girlfriend here.  The men in my life are wearing me out –and for all the wrong reasons!  😛

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Create Something New…

I was messing around with my Photoshop tonight.  Its been years since I've created any graphics on the computer so this may be a bit rough:


I created this using an old letter my Dad sent me as the background.  The clouds are from a picture taken in Skagway, Alaska a year and a half ago, and then of course that's my hand at the potter's wheel.  The background was originally going to be clouds in grays and blues but using the letter was completely by accident. 


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