Sabino Canyon – Tucson

I had an opportunity this weekend to hike Sabino Canyon in Tucson.  What a beautiful area!  I'll let the pictures speak for themselves:







The last two are my favorite.

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6 thoughts on “Sabino Canyon – Tucson

  1. Thanks Pam. The pictures really do it no justice as being there did. It was quite an amazing place.

  2. Those thorns are very painful if they get stuck in your skin. The flowers though are beautiful. Unfortunately they don't last very long.

  3. Have you been to Kartchner Caverns Tony? They were created by the last ice age and are quite amazing. That boulder sounds incredible! Arizona is an amazing place. While hiking a few years back with some friends, the son of one the friends found a fossil of a scallop shell just laying below the ponderosa pines. I have also found sea shells in my own backyard in suburban Phoenix. I'm glad you enjoyed the pictures. The Tucson desert is very different than the Phoenix desert.

  4. It is very terrible.
    It is very beautiful.

  5. Hello..It has been awhile since I came up out of Nogales into Tuscon. The friends I had there have taken their paths many ways. The desert..'I picture the glacier coming across the desert to create it like a huge broom..sweeping everything in its path to create the mountains'..A couple of years ago I saw a boulder..that came out of the had a piece of cast iron in to be a cannon ball..This was food for a lot of thought..A Spanish cannon ball in that ancient rock..Every prominence in the desert has many things of interest..some are really definitive..I see all as priceless..your pictures are beautiful and capture the freedom of the desert evening..Peace Tony

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