Late Night Haunts

Although I'm unclear on how staged some of the so-called paranormal reality shows are on t.v., I tune into a few occasionally.  Just as some are addicted to an adrenalin rush from say, jumping out of an airplane, I seem to be addicted to scaring the crap out of myself before trying to go to sleep.  And yes, I've had to explain to my early bird husband why one has slept with the lights on the night before on several occasions.  One of the shows I will tune into at times is Ghost Adventures on the Travel Channel. 


I will fully admit that I'm not completely sure all of this is real and not staged.  The leader of this trio of paranormal investigators is Zak, the buff guy in the center.  He clearly calls the shots and I find it comical during most episodes that he makes one of his two cohorts drag their camera and recording equipment alone to some dark corner or basement in hopes of catching evidence of the afterlife.  One of the cohorts begrudgingly agrees but you know the guy is scared crapless. 

They all yell out at some point in the show, "Dude!  Dude!  Did you hear that????"  Zak inevitably shushs them both and overdramatically taunts the spirit.  I'm secretly holding out to see if one of these supposed spirits knocks Zak on his well muscled gluteus maximus.  How do you like that….DUDE?  I guess I really don't take these guys very seriously.  They do investigate some creepy places though!


Ghost Hunters is one that I have watched faithfully every Wednesday night on SciFi since 2005.  I like these guys.  Maybe because they seem like the kind of people I'd hang out with to have a beer or two.  They are from Rhode Island so a lot of the places they investigate have been near where I've grown up.

I like their no-nonsense approach to the investigation and how they try to debunk any claims first before labeling it paranormal.  However, as the show's popularity has grown, so have the hauntings.  I also can't help but wonder if some of this is now staged as well.  I hope not. 

While writing this I was thinking about what it is that has me so intrigued about the subject and why I am such a fright junkie.  Back about 10 years ago I lived in a very old apartment in Boston.  One day I was home sick from work and was hanging out in the livingroom watching t.v.  Out of the corner of my eye I saw something small and white come flying out of the closet and swiftly work its way along the floor next to the baseboards.  It turned a corner before disappearing under the tv stand.  My blood went cold.  I couldn't believe what I had just seen.  Who would believe me?  Upon further inspection of the tv stand, I found a small white rubber ball like the ones you get from the bubble gum machines in the grocery store for a quarter.  Where the heck did it come from?  Did I mention I lived alone?  That was probably the single most terrifying moment of my life.

These days I prefer to watch such things on t.v.  I can separate it from my own reality and question it more because obviously I'm not experiencing it first hand.  That frightening day in Boston had me question a lot of things.  I might be a fright junkie but that's only when I have a remote control safe within arm's reach.  But like the old X-Files show says, "the truth is out there."  For now, I'll safely watch for the truth from the comfort of my fainting sofa in the Girl-Cave; with an attack weasel and pooch poised at the ready just in case.  



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9 thoughts on “Late Night Haunts

  1. Oh, good, I hope you like them!!

  2. Thanks for the suggestions! With summer coming I'll be stocking up and will look for some of the books you mentioned here.

  3. Lisa Jackson is one of my favorite suspense writers. She writes, "sit on the edge of your seat," books. In my book notes (I just looked), I marked her book called "Almost Dead" as one of the most suspenseful books I had ever read and said it was fantastic. Another one that I marked as "awesome" is called "Left to Die." Another wonderful author is Joy Fielding and she has some wonderful books! The first one I read was an older book of hers called, "See Jane Run." It was great, as was "Grand Avenue," and "Heart Stopper." However, I did make notes to say that the books of hers that I did not like were called, "Whispers and Lies," and "Mad River Road," lest you happen to pick one of those and think she is a terrible write 🙂

  4. Thanks for sharing the authors. I read one of Harlan Coben's books a few years ago. I don't quite remember what it was called but I do remember the detective having a run in with two Cheech & Chong-type criminals. Not sure if that rings any bells. I haven't heard of Lisa Jackson but will look her up at the library. 🙂

  5. Bess, with all the history in your country I'm sure there's lots of scary stuff that happens there. My Dad once took pictures in the London Dungeon Museum and had some strange things turn up on film.
    And its very true about all the psychological stuff getting in your head! Suddenly every tiny noise you hear becomes magnified until you are scared to death! LOL!

  6. I have not familiar with that author but thank you for mentioning the name. I am always looking for new books to read. A couple of my favorites are Harlan Coben and Lisa Jackson.

  7. Haha, oh I do the same thing! I sit down to watch a scary film or read a scary book and by the time I get to bet, i'm scared stiff hahaThe thing is that it's all so interesting! it's so easy to get sucked in to it all, then you realise all the psychological stuff has got inside your head and you start scaring yourself hahaKeep the lights on Jenn! haha

  8. LOL, yes, I have a well armed Girl-Cave. No ghostie will be getting by me! Especially if they decide to throw a rubber ball around the room. Abby would love that! 😉
    I also enjoy murder mystery books. It definitely is the suspense that is the draw. Have you read anything by Elizabeth George? She is really good.
    Another reality show I like is The Biggest Loser. They've started to turn portions of the show into mini-commercials though. That is kind of a drag. But its really uplifting to see the contestants really fighting for their health –and some quite possibly, their lives. 🙂

  9. LOL…..I like the fact that you have a Girl-Cave with an attach weasel and a pooch. I see the picture. Yes, very scary, they should easily run off the ghost (hehe).I do the same thing, just different shows and books. All about murder, mayhem, suspense. There is a difference but we both must enjoy suspense and it comes in so many forms. I am like you, I don't know how much of the ghost shows or the reality shows are real but I know some of it is not true. The shows I watch are made up but sadly, things like that do happen in the world. I still get a kick out of seeing the crimes be solved and the bad guys brought to justice.Hang in there, Abby and Monsoon!! You have a Girl-Cave to protect!!

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