Reach For The Sky

On a lighter note here is a picture I took one evening while Ru and I walked Abby.  If I'm not mistaken its an old orange tree.  I  like how it is silhouetted against the sky.



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6 thoughts on “Reach For The Sky

  1. That would be great. I would love to see!

  2. Yes, that is neat. I think that is why trees are used in fiction in that way sometimes because the trees do appear to be trying to say something. I will post some pictures of our work on the trees. It was amazing to see the finished product, after seeing the chicken wire and working with the paper mache!!

  3. How neat that you made the costumes. I've always had a fascination with trees I suppose. When I was young a friend and I were out in my yard looking up at the sky. She mentioned that it appeared that the tree branches were all reaching up towards heaven. I thought that was neat.

  4. Oh, they do remind me of the Wizard of Oz. My daughter was in the play and we helped make the trees out of chicken wire and paper mache! The tree you pictures is very interesting, with all of the shapes and angles.

  5. Thanks! There is a whole plot of these dead trees. They may have been part of an orange orchard at one time. The haunted forest from The Wizard of Oz comes to mind when I pass these.

  6. Great picture! I like the way the branches are curving in so many directions. The lighting is interesting as well. There seems to be a hint of pink near the lower part of the picture and that diffuses what might have been a spooky tree. It has a lot of character.

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