9 thoughts on “Knowledge is knowing a tomato is a fruit…

  1. That sounds so good!!!

  2. I had not noticed that because I was so entranced by the beautiful shiny deep red tomatoes! Yes, the picture is a work of art. To think that someone can take something so simple and make it so amazing!!

  3. Its pretty cool, isn't it? I like how the edge of the bowl is chipped and the blue color comes through. It gives it a rustic look.

  4. You are probably right about that! 🙂 I also have a raspberry chipotle tomato-based salsa that is absolutely delicious.

  5. I bet there are some fruit salads that might like a few tomatoes to join them.

  6. The funny things is that I don't eat tomatoes, unless they are tiny and in chili are something like that. But this picture is amazing…the use of color and the composition. Someone certainly knows what they are doing 😉

  7. Isn't that neat? I found that online. It's like summer in a bowl.

  8. What a beautiful fantastic picture!! Wow.

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