Peaks, Valleys, Plateaus and Snow

This picture really doesn't have much to do with the entry for today but I do really like black & white photography so thought I'd include it.

I haven't posted much about the weight loss progress.  It seems that I've encountered another plateau.  Last week was only 1/2 pound, which I'll take.  At least its not a gain.  :)  However, when I weighed myself yesterday morning I was mysteriously up 2 lbs.  (and there was no weasel behind me on the scale to blame) This was inspite of healthy eating, a run, a kickboxing class, a long walk, and some serious house cleaning this past week. 

So Thursday I will go for weigh in and hopefully by then I'll be down a bit.  I think I'll just have to accept the fact that I may not be down 20 lbs. total by my sister's wedding in early July.  But that's okay.  I've worked hard to get where I'm at now and am all the healthier for it.  Right now I'm still hovering around the 10 lbs lost mark.

Last night I received a call somewhat late. I was surprised that the friendly voice on the other line was my next door neighbor's cousin who had moved to the neighborhood from the east coast about a year or so ago.  I had met her before and was pleasantly surprised to see her at the first Weight Watchers meeting in early April.  She had gotten my number from her cousin and when she didn't see me at last night's weigh in she called to check in.  I thought that was incredibly kind.  She also started on the same night as I did and has lost 14 lbs total.  She told me not to give up or get discouraged.  While I am a bit discouraged, I will not give up.  Something's got to give here soon.  Anyways, I thought that was incredibly nice of her to go through the trouble of getting my number and then calling.  She and I are going to get together to exercise some time next week.  It will be nice to have another exercise buddy.

We are so lucky that Mother Nature has decided to wait before breaking out the Big Heat!  I actually woke up cold this morning and had to turn off the ceiling fan.  Interestingly enough, two years ago we went camping in the eastern part of the state over Memorial Day weekend and it snowed!  Yes, in May in Arizona it snowed.  I don't think it'll be the same this year but I'm sure it will be chilly.  I'm already looking forward to hunkering down under the warm comforter and feather mattress.  Three days and counting!       

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Happy 7th Birthday Monsoon!

Happy 7th Birthday Monsoon!  My little one is another year older today.  Here are some pics of her I've collected:


Beds, not just for humans anymore!


"Thanks for waking me up.  This had better be good!"


"Did you remember to pack my plaid jumper?"


Bellying up to the bar.


"You blinked.  I win!"


"Would someone with opposable thumbs help me out here?"



"It's a tough job being so cute."


I'm grateful for my pets and grateful to have another year with Monsoon.

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QotD: Vacation, All I Ever Wanted

Would you rather be pampered at a luxurious beachside resort or visit exotic cities and learn as much as possible about the local culture and people?
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I'd rather visit the exotic cities.  Suntans fade and touristy gifts sooner or later end up in the Goodwill pile.  Here is a place I'd like to see sooner rather than later:


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Gotta Give Him Credit…

So I got an email yesterday from the guy (a.k.a. Eric).  Yeah, you know the one.  The commercials aren't shown as much as they used to I find.  At least not in the Phoenix area.  Anyway, months ago I had written to him through his Facebook site and asked if his band might ever be playing in this area.  He had replied back that they wouldn't be anytime soon.  I said I'd check back to see when they would be.  So yesterday he responded back to that particular thread and mentioned that he had a new website for show dates.  I didn't think the first time he would respond simply due to the sheer amount of messages he probably receives.  That particular morning I pretty much fell out of my chair when I saw who had emailed me.    I even called my husband who I don't think believed me at first.

Well, I just thought it really neat that someone would even remember that and take the time to write to me personally addressing me by my first name.  Just thought it was cool.


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Tales From The New Scale – (6)

"Ohh, now there are two!"


"I kinda like the new one.  It has shiny stuff on it."

Well, last night's weigh-in was a complete success.  :)  Thanks my friends, for your encouragement and advice after last week's disappointment.  Zak Klemmer, thanks for the breakfast suggestion!  I did try it.  Here are the current stats:

This week: 3.8 lbs.

Total: 9.2 lbs.

To go: 10.8 lbs.

Almost half way there!

As mentioned before, Monsoon loves to sit on the scale.  Yesterday when weighing myself I was actually up a pound.  Then I felt a cold little nose on my ankle.  I wasn't alone on the scale apparently.  Guess the queen was not too happy I was on her new "throne."  ;-) 



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The Babies Are Off

This morning I woke from the most beautiful dream. Infront of me was a wooded area with a stream running through it. Off to the side the water pooled close to a mossy bank. A group of small green shoots sprung up from clusters of ice and snow that hadn't melted yet. I watched from what appeared to be an observation platform and marveled how new life was suspended on ice, the water from the melting ice supporting life in a myriad of ways.

Suddenly two older ladies appeared next to me and also stood quietly watching the scene. At that moment the current seem to pick up and the tender young shoots were floating free. In my dream they moved one at a time like ballet dancers gracefully gliding downstream, moving along the current until the stream brought them to a place where their roots would take hold and they would eventually stretch out their branches.

One of these ladies observing all this with me spoke then. "The babies are off," she exclaimed. Indeed they were.

Happy Mother's Day

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The Basket List & Other Ramblings On Friday

I've decided to entitle this 'The Basket List' because I think it sounds better than 'The Bucket List' which brings to mind a big boring plastic bucket.  –To me it does anyways.

Last Fall I started keeping a list of things I wanted to try in a wire-bound notebook.  My best friend turned me onto this idea when she suggested that we meet in Chicago and see a taping of a final episode of Oprah.  While I'm not a big fan of Oprah, the thought of spending a weekend in Chicago with my best friend is really appealing.  I heard they have really good pizza there, too!


Here is item #5.  I've always wanted to see Monument Valley.  After reading about the new hotel in that area that is located on the Navajo nation, it was an instant add to The Basket List.  Last night I made a reservation and I can't even begin to describe how happy I am to be going to this beautiful place!


Its become quite popular so we won't be going until the end of the summer.  But that's okay.  It will be something to look forward to.  I believe this picture may have been taken from the balcony of one of the rooms.

For more info on the hotel, go here.


Another girlfriend of mine who has encouraged me to stay active this past year and a half has suggested that we take her mountain bikes out for a spin tomorrow morning.  Now, I have not ridden a bike in at least 20 years.

Although we had agreed on keeping off any mountain trails, and sticking to the paved areas around the canals, I'm still

having misgivings about the whole thing.  The picture to the right was my only thought.  I could only picture the bike somehow speeding out of control with me on it, which of course makes no sense.  However it still conjured up an image in my mind that somehow I'd be plowing through a park frantically ringing my little bicycle bell while folks darted out of the way from their picnics and Little League games.

I will be the first to admit that I have an overactive imagination.

Given the sheer amount of errands I need to run tomorrow I have had to back out of this.  (Yay, all picnics along the canal are now saved!)  I opted for kick-boxing instead which will place me in the vicinity of said errand running (Little Leaguers everywhere are rejoicing, I'm quite certain).

One of these errands involves the purchase of a bathroom scale.  The one I had is no longer working and even the purchase of a new battery did nothing to get it to show some signs of life.  Monsoon, however, has taken a liking to this scale and I will often find her perched on it like she is some high and mighty queen.  I'm not sure what her strange affection is to it.  I hope she won't take it too hard when it is replaced tomorrow.

It is Friday.  Now I will leave you with this final message:


Have a nice weekend, all!

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