8 thoughts on “Humor For The Week

  1. Ew. Prune juice tastes so bad! The only thing I have ever found to work was eating right and exercise.

  2. yeah I once try a product not like this but different brand. it is taste of prune juice that needs to take 10 days. First lose weight also same later gained back.

  3. Yumiko, the product is real. It doesn't really work. I tried this ages ago and you gain back all the weight once you start eating regular food. The photo though is a joke. That character is from the movie 'Lord of the Rings.'

  4. I found this online again. 🙂

  5. is this real? how much is it?

  6. Isn't that hysterical??? 100 lbs in 500 years? Wow, talk about taking it off slowly. 😉

  7. Beautiful! I think I should start drinking it right away! haha

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