Thankful Thursday

Its been forever since I last posted to this group!  Here are some long overdue things in no particular order that I am grateful for:

  1. Getting where I need to be in one piece.
  2. The little purple flowers that just bloomed on my desert willow this week.
  3. Its the first week in May and we haven't had a day over 100 yet.
  4. Ceiling fan!
  5. Hearing the happiness in my husband's voice when we talk during the day.
  6. The fact that my husband IS so happy at his job.
  7. I really enjoy what I'm doing work-wise.
  8. A good friend who has motivated me to stay active the past year and a half.
  9. A good glass of red wine.
  10. Having choices to make decisions on.
  11. My Vox neighbors (of course!).  Some of you I have known for 2 years now.
  12. The ability to move, stretch, and yell when I feel like it.
  13. That my ferret, Monsoon will be 7 (which is elderly) on the 24th of this month and she is still as fiesty as ever.

Gosh, there are so many blessings.  This post has the potential to be the longest in history!

Have a blessed rest of the week my friends!

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6 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday

  1. Very true. True richness has nothing to do with money, don't you agree?

  2. Thanks Freedom. Even on a bad day there are so many things to be thankful for. 🙂 I may not be rich but my life is rich in so many other ways.

  3. Isn't it wonderful, Yumiko? I love learning about people and their lives. I love reading blogs and also posting stuff.

  4. I like using Vox and get to know people around the world.

  5. What a great post. So great to read that you are thankful for so many things, as we all should be!! And you mentioned the small things and they are sometimes the most important. I like the one about your husbands voice being happy! Good job on being positive and "stopping to smell the roses!"

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