Happy 7th Birthday Monsoon!

Happy 7th Birthday Monsoon!  My little one is another year older today.  Here are some pics of her I've collected:


Beds, not just for humans anymore!


"Thanks for waking me up.  This had better be good!"


"Did you remember to pack my plaid jumper?"


Bellying up to the bar.


"You blinked.  I win!"


"Would someone with opposable thumbs help me out here?"



"It's a tough job being so cute."


I'm grateful for my pets and grateful to have another year with Monsoon.

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16 thoughts on “Happy 7th Birthday Monsoon!

  1. Thanks Emjay. Monsoon is the first one I've had that has lived past 6 years but I guess they can live up to 12 years from what I've heard. In Europe they live really long but I've heard that in the US due to inbreeding their life span is shortened.

  2. How cute. What is the life span of a ferret?

  3. I am sure it was not an easy change! But it looks like you have figured it out šŸ™‚

  4. That is the way to do it!! It is the low lights that make it look natural. Sounds like you figured out a system that makes it look very natural.

  5. I used to do mine myself and oh, it was such a mess! I had a t-shirt I wore and then I would lay an old sheet on the floor and sink top. It was quite the production! I was happy to throw all that away.
    I haven't had too much trouble so far with the blond. At first the hairdresser tried different shades. I've been platinum to what I am now, which is a dark blond. I can actually do the dark blond at home. It's less messier than the black dye. Then I go over to the hairdresser and she places some foils in for highlights. That way there is a mix and I don't feel so 'washed out' looking.

  6. I tried once to dye it myself. What a mess. Black dye all over the shower….and the bottle says not to get it no your skin??? Since then, I have had a lady do it that does a very good job and does not charge me an arm and leg. I consider it a necessity šŸ™‚

  7. Wow, you're lucky. LOL! I started at 15. It is a pain to keep coloring it, isn't it? That was part of my decision to go blond. I figured I would spend less time coloring it if I went lighter. So far so good. I also refuse to be gray. šŸ™‚

  8. I also have grey. It started when I was 27!! Isn't that horrible. My hair is dyed my actual color but I now have to go every four weeks due to the amount of grey roots. Very frustrating and expensive but I am not going to be grey…I refuse šŸ™‚

  9. Yes, they are family members and I consider them my kids in a way.
    Its funny that you mention my hair. šŸ™‚ I sometimes do miss my dark hair, which is more my natural color (I have a ton of gray) but I'm getting used to the light hair. There are things I like about both I suppose. The blond I'm still getting used to and it'll probably take a bit still.

  10. Happy Birthday to Monsoon!! I know how much pets mean to me and I see you feel the same way about your pets. I love the one where you are kissing him! So sweet. Ah, now I see you with dark hair. I like it both ways. Which is your favorite? Give Monsoon a pat for me šŸ™‚

  11. I'll pass the message on for you. šŸ˜‰

  12. Oh, I was thinking you had ferrets, too. Ha ha! You've got lots of 'kids'. šŸ™‚ How fun!

  13. Best Wishes Monsoon! haha bless

  14. Well, my lil' ones are dogs. The youngest and oldest are both Chihuahuas. The middle is a mutt/mix. We also have two parakeets and a cat. And fish… =)

  15. I didn't realize you had ferrets as well! How cool. 13??? Wow, that's great! I was impressed that Monsoon has made it this far but 13 is really amazing. šŸ™‚

  16. I love my lil' ones too! The newest was born this month, don't know what day. But the oldest was born in June and she'll be 13! So I'm planning on giving her a party… And a new leather harness!

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