Peaks, Valleys, Plateaus and Snow

This picture really doesn't have much to do with the entry for today but I do really like black & white photography so thought I'd include it.

I haven't posted much about the weight loss progress.  It seems that I've encountered another plateau.  Last week was only 1/2 pound, which I'll take.  At least its not a gain.  :)  However, when I weighed myself yesterday morning I was mysteriously up 2 lbs.  (and there was no weasel behind me on the scale to blame) This was inspite of healthy eating, a run, a kickboxing class, a long walk, and some serious house cleaning this past week. 

So Thursday I will go for weigh in and hopefully by then I'll be down a bit.  I think I'll just have to accept the fact that I may not be down 20 lbs. total by my sister's wedding in early July.  But that's okay.  I've worked hard to get where I'm at now and am all the healthier for it.  Right now I'm still hovering around the 10 lbs lost mark.

Last night I received a call somewhat late. I was surprised that the friendly voice on the other line was my next door neighbor's cousin who had moved to the neighborhood from the east coast about a year or so ago.  I had met her before and was pleasantly surprised to see her at the first Weight Watchers meeting in early April.  She had gotten my number from her cousin and when she didn't see me at last night's weigh in she called to check in.  I thought that was incredibly kind.  She also started on the same night as I did and has lost 14 lbs total.  She told me not to give up or get discouraged.  While I am a bit discouraged, I will not give up.  Something's got to give here soon.  Anyways, I thought that was incredibly nice of her to go through the trouble of getting my number and then calling.  She and I are going to get together to exercise some time next week.  It will be nice to have another exercise buddy.

We are so lucky that Mother Nature has decided to wait before breaking out the Big Heat!  I actually woke up cold this morning and had to turn off the ceiling fan.  Interestingly enough, two years ago we went camping in the eastern part of the state over Memorial Day weekend and it snowed!  Yes, in May in Arizona it snowed.  I don't think it'll be the same this year but I'm sure it will be chilly.  I'm already looking forward to hunkering down under the warm comforter and feather mattress.  Three days and counting!       

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8 thoughts on “Peaks, Valleys, Plateaus and Snow

  1. Thanks Freedom! πŸ˜€

  2. I agree….I like having pictures with my posts as well. And you are on the right track with the weight loss, a great attitude, and a new workout buddy!!

  3. Thanks Pam. Yes, they are frustrating, aren't they? See what you have to look forward to when in your 40s? πŸ˜‰
    Good for you for turning that around! πŸ™‚ It can be hard to eat healthy when you are not completely happy and easy to turn to comfort foods. That is awesome!

  4. Thanks Freedom. I figure its got to go down sometime. πŸ™‚ I'm doing everything right. I guess it'll just take more time. It was really nice of her to call. I am really lucky to know her.
    The picture I didn't take. I actually found it online and had saved it to my computer awhile back. Yesterday seem to be a good day to use. I like having visuals on my blogs –even if they don't relate to the post. πŸ˜‰

  5. Yes, wasn't that nice? It was very encouraging, too.

  6. Those plateaus are so frustrating, but you are doing exactly the right thing by looking at the big picture. You are being good to your body and the weight is going down, even if sometimes it is at the pace IT wants to go. I've recently been fighting off a round of "feel sorry for myself because I hate work" eating that I was using as an excuse to have really bad lunches with co-workers a few times a week to make ourselves feel better about being there. Now we're still eating together and venting but making better food choices : ).

  7. I am proud of you for keeping on keeping on, even when it can be discouraging that the scale does not go down! You are right…it is a wonderful thing that you are exercising and eating wisely.

  8. That's so awesome when someone goes out of their way to check on you. How encouraging!

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