Weightloss Humor For The Week

I got this from the following website and have reposted it here:



A bit of cultural news for a welcome change.

David is to be returned to Italy.



After a two-year loan to the United States, Michelangelo’s David is being returned to Italy.


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6 thoughts on “Weightloss Humor For The Week

  1. Maybe we'll see him as a contestant on the American tv show "The Biggest Loser," Ha ha. 😉

  2. Big "M" is everywhere David…. Keep in shape!

  3. I am glad you enjoyed it Toukou san. 🙂

  4. Yes, definitely sad but true. Guess he made too many trips through the drive-thru window! 😉

  5. It is very pleasant.

  6. LOLOLOL!!!!!! Sad but true…he has had way too much fast food, evidently 🙂

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