Obscure Architectural Moments In Time

Since my neighbors have all been posting such wonderful pictures from around the world of different architectural types, I thought it to be time that the photos that have been living in my camera made their debut as well.  Here are a few photos I've collected:


This was taken in Bisbee, AZ.  This is an old mining town near the Mexico border.  One morning I happened across this alley way and was struck by how the light and shadows almost divide this picture in two.


An artist owns this guest house.  It had once been a miner's cabin and sits high on a hill overlooking the whole town.  I wonder how long it took her to collect all those license plates.


This is looking up from an old tinted glass sidewalk grate.  I am underneath the street.  I love how the light shines purple through the grate.


This was also taken in the Seattle Underground Tour.  I have an obsession with old buildings.  Maybe it's the mystery surrounding them.  I wonder about the people who built them.  Who lived and worked there? 



This building had been a hotel in Seattle over 100 years ago. The walls had been covered with a green colored paint and lined with a floral stenciled etching.  You can't make it out from this photo but I could see it while there.  Imagine the fancy ladies in their feathered hats sipping tea on that circular red velvet sofa.



Not sure when this came into vogue although it is quite old.  I was quite surprised to see this in the Seattle Underground Tour.


 Here is the hotel again.  This time you can see the stenciling I mentioned in the other photo.

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11 thoughts on “Obscure Architectural Moments In Time

  1. Yes not to too far but I haven't been there in ages…maybe when it cools down a little.

  2. Thanks! You are only a hop, skip and a jump from there where you are if I'm not mistaken. 🙂

  3. Nice photos and now I feel a trip to Bisbee come on!

  4. Maybe try listening to some soothing music while sleeping or around the house. That sometimes helps me.

  5. Its interesting that you bring up coins. Years ago I saw a display of items that were recovered from the Titantic. One was a gentleman's wallet with bills of that time still in it. It had me asking all kinds of things about the man that once owned it and most likely perished in the tragedy.

  6. I actually asked the Seattle Chamber of Commerce to send me a packet of stuff to do and that was in it. If you are ever visiting over here again in the US just google the Chamber of Commerce in the city you are visiting. Most areas have one and they are most helpful when planning things to do on a trip.

  7. What a fabulous collection of photos. Love the staircase and the floral etching on the hotel wall.

  8. my neighbour having renovation at their home so noisy here and it takes a year to complete. ;(

  9. Hello..I love those types of stairways..we have a lot of them here and there..in L.A. Folks are starting to 'flatter' the original design by making new tiles..there is something about the old ones..as you said..who did what with it..like coins..It makes a statement about what lasts..among other things..very cool pics..Peace Tony

  10. Darn! Why didn't I know of those underground tours in Seattle when I was there 3 years ago. I would have loooooved to take one of these. How amazing!

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