Driving Camels Towards Water

Since returning back from vacation I keep dreaming at night that we are back at the ocean.  Last night I dreamt that Ruben and I were staying in a little hotel on the water. 

What I didn’t tell my husband was that there was no running water at this hotel.  It was an authentic experience I would later tell him.

So in the dream we arrived at this cute little quaint hotel that looked like something out of a 1950s movie; maybe something that would have been seen in a motel off of Route 66 complete with pink plastic flamingoes at the entrance and chenille bedspreads covering the full twin beds.

We unpacked our things and I waited for the right moment to let my husband know that there was no water.  Of course there was no right moment here.  He went in to use the bathroom and came out a second later to let me know there was no running water.  This just wouldn’t do.  I very matter of factly announced that he needed to take his camel down to the beach, with yellow bucket in tow (just like the one I use to mop the floor –isn’t it funny how these odd every day things come into your dreams?) and head down to the beach to fetch the water for the sink and toilet.  He stared at me as if I had lost my mind.  I mean, hey, doesn’t everyone take their camel down to the beach with a mop bucket to fetch water?  He asked if the shower worked.  Yes, that seem to be in working order, however everything else we needed water for needed to be forayed from atop of a camel.  Why was this so hard to understand?  Better to ride a camel down 72 steps to the water than have to walk down.

Ruben just stood and stared at me.  “You mean we could’ve stayed at the Holiday Inn and had running water for less money?” 

“Well yes,” I said.  “But this is more of an authentic experience.  How often do you get to ride a camel?”

“I don’t want to ride a camel,” he stated, with that incredulous look of annoyance.

“Fine,” I said. “I’ll ride the camel down to get the water.”  Gosh, I’m thinking.  This man appreciates nothing.

I woke up laughing.  I told Ruben about it and he laughed, too, not so much because of the unlikelihood of this happening, but quite the opposite.  It is totally something I would consider.  And yes, he would not be happy about it. 

He asked me afterwards if there were camels in Cape Cod.  I really don’t know.

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10 thoughts on “Driving Camels Towards Water

  1. That is just hilarious!

    • I just reread that from last year and though it was too funny not to share. I had it marked as ‘private’ but I can’t remember why. I just made it public. I’ll have to ask my husband if he remembers me telling him about this last sumer.

  2. Isn't that funny? Every once in awhile I have a funny dream like that where I'm doing something completely irrational and am insistant in my dream that it is completely rational. 😛
    Your kids may have enjoyed the camels.

  3. That is pretty funny… and actually I think I would like that kinda place … but just not with my kids along 🙂

  4. LOL, no, they stayed outside. I can't help but wonder if I dreamt of the camels after seeing the llama from your post the other day. 🙂

  5. Hi Emjay, for some reason this one was very vivid and I remembered a lot of details. Certain dreams just stay with me sometimes.
    I'm sure most would be in agreement with Ruben. 😉

  6. Too funny. Did the camel use the shower??

  7. I don't seem to dream as much as others – or perhaps I just have very poor recall. Your dream was funny. I'm with Ruben on the running water vs. camel rides though! 🙂

  8. Dreams can be so funny. I was just relaying this to a co-worker and she started cracking up. Yes, I usually remember mid-day what I dreamt about the night before for some reason. This one just stood right out because it was so zany. Like I'd really choose a place that had camels. Ha ha. Well actually…

  9. I love dreaming, it's hilarious. Me and my best friend Charlotte usually get to school each day and say "Oh my life, you will never believe the dream I had last night…"I also love it when you can't really remember your dream as soon as you wake up but then something in the day triggers your memory haha Keep dreaming Jenn!

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