Acting Koi On Friday



These hungry guys were photographed outside where I work (notice the shadow of my melon head in the lower left corner).  They are quite used to people and beg for food when they notice someone walking by.  Last week I stepped outside to 'warm up' because the A/C was doing too good of a job in the office,  and caught a glimpse of a turtle swimming in the pond.  He has remained elusive since then but I'm keeping an eye out.  Perhaps he is camera shy?

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8 thoughts on “Acting Koi On Friday

  1. It is really nice to see that on my way in and out. Whoever takes care of the grounds at work does a really nice job.
    Wow, that has got to be cold! Brrr! I think where it is so hot here our A/C, although gets it chilly, will never be quite that cold.

  2. What a nice thing to have at your work. The a/c in our office is so cold in winter that we all wear cardigans and I can get half way home on the hot metro before I start to feel warm.

  3. Yes, Toukou san, I had heard that they were from Japan. They are beautiful!

  4. They sure are! 🙂 Thanks LB.

  5. The colored carp is coming into existence of Japan?.

  6. They're looking for handouts. Great photo!

  7. Ha ha. Thanks. 🙂 They are beautiful to watch. I think some days I could sit just sit for hours and just watch them hang out. No one has ever told me not to feed them but I'm guessing whoever their caretaker is must feed them from the little bridge I was standing on. It's so cute. They hang out by the surface with their mouths open just waiting.

  8. I love the title of your post. Wonderful play on words. I think Koi fish are so much fun to watch and they can have such interesting coloring too. Do you feed them or is that discouraged?

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