A Few Shots From The Weekend


The top picture caught my eye one afternoon last week.  The sky here is usually an endless blue except for that day when one tiny little cloud made a brief appearance.

The picture on the bottom really doesn't capture the magnificance of this rainbow.  This was taken with my camera phone.  I took another with the digital camera but it didn't look nearly as clear as this one.  All the neighborhood kids are gathered watching it unfold.  In a world full of video games it was pretty cool to see a bunch of kids outside taking in the wonder of this rainbow. 

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8 thoughts on “A Few Shots From The Weekend

  1. Oh no. You must have to keep an eye to sky at all times during the winter.
    We are lucky to see clouds here at all. This time of the year it is pretty humid with the monsoons but mainly its all blue skies all of the time.

  2. That's the kind of innocuous little thing, that in my mountainous area and in the winter, could turn huge, ugly and threatening in a matter of minutes!

  3. Isn't that just the tiniest little thing? It was cute that I had to take a picture of it.

  4. It was quite stunning. There is a smaller one to the left of it that you can barely make out.
    That first pic was taken outside my office window. Whenever I want to feel peace I can just look out there over the land of perpetual summer. 🙂

  5. Rainbows are just one of those things, aren't they? Its great when as adults we can still look at them and feel that sense of wonder still.

  6. What a bitsy little cloud! Love the rainbow…

  7. What beautiful pictures!! Wow. I bet the rainbow was amazing. And I love the serenity of the first picture. Very lovely!

  8. I like rainbows. As a small girl, I drew hundreds of pictures of rainbows, always organized my crayons into rainbow order, and just adored rainbows.

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