Strange, Yet Funny, Record Album Covers

This is according to the Huffington Post.


If someone wielding two swords told me to shut up and dance then I admit that I probably would!  The police would at least have a funny story to tell later.

 Never heard of them but they certainly look enthusiastic.

Well no wonder Julie looks so depressed.  Only her beer drinking, cigarette smoking Dad showed to the party.


The Patridge Family cousins the Patridge Family doesn't want you to see.



  The McDonald Sisters sing on the topic of self-confidence.


I wonder what Zoolander would have to say about this guy?

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11 thoughts on “Strange, Yet Funny, Record Album Covers

  1. Fugly..LOL! Its been so long since I've heard someone use that! Yeah, he is definitely the creepy bar dude.

  2. He's a little old (and fugly) to be her boyfriend… I'm going with random creepy bar dude.

  3. I did not even know he was the 'father'..but that is part of it..(electra) each an every..Peace T.

  4. The first sounds like a politician..either rider or ridee..and the second..well, that happens all the time..check out who looks at the mannequins and does not comment on the product..part of the act..yes..but where did that act come from?..HO HO HO>>Peace T.

  5. Yes, there were several bizarre ones, including a man riding on a rat and a woman cuddling with a ventriloquist's dummy. Very strange indeed!

  6. Nope..not until yesterday..a strange bunch..listed in albums under..'esoteria of the homespun'..:-})

  7. Aren't these funny? Yes, poor Julie. It does appear that he is hitting on her, doesn't it?

  8. Hilarious! I love the middle aged Castle women wearing fire-engine-red hotpants.Poor Julie – not only was her dad the only one to show up for the party, but he's hitting on her!!!

  9. It is interesting. I've never heard of any of these folks. Have you?

  10. Interesting bunch of songmakers there..all the way from the night the the seventies..(in a disco)..Peace Tony

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