Counting Sheep (or maybe bugs)

This was taken last night of my little Monsoon sleeping.  She sometimes looks so comfy that I wish I were small enough to cuddle in next to her.  She actually pulled this blanket off the sofa and made it her own.  She has a way of doing that with quite a few of my things.  I did however, take back the gym bag she was using as a condo.  πŸ˜‰

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18 thoughts on “Counting Sheep (or maybe bugs)

  1. They are pretty cuddly. Monsoon is anyways. I've had others in the past that didn't mind an occasional scritch between the ears or two but didn't really like to be picked up. Too much to see and do I guess. πŸ™‚
    As far as I know they do as long as they are introduced at a young age. I don't know if you know Sixweasels. She hasn't blogged here in a few months but she had both a ferret and a cat. They seem to get along alright but she is always there to supervise. Monsoon gets along with our dog Abby okay but I do tend to keep an eye on them when they are out together. Monsoon doesn't have much patience for her and will nip her hard if she is getting annoyed.

  2. Hmm I didn't know they were cuddly….do they get along with cats?

  3. Maureen, they are wonderful pets. Very cuddly and playful.

  4. Adorable! I've never owned one but they sure are cute.

  5. She comes up with the most comfortable sleep positions. I think if she were X-rayed we'd find a slinky inside instead of a spine. πŸ˜‰

  6. She seems to have forgiven me for the eviction. πŸ˜‰ She weighs only 1 lbs but our 20 lbs dog is terrified of her!

  7. Thanks Realworld. She is an easy one to fall in love with. She has a sweet little personality.

  8. Thanks Tony. She is precious.

  9. Its funny how we spoil our pets in ways we never imagined. Mine are the worst but like I once read on a license plate, "I'm not spoiled. I'm just loved." I think the same would apply to my little monsters too. πŸ˜‰

  10. Hehehehehehe…she looks so comfy!!

  11. LOL @ the condo! You were a tough landlord! She looks so tiny.

  12. Aww! She is so adorable cute!

  13. Beautiful little friend..Peace Tony

  14. Awwww…..she is precious, all snuggled in her blanket. I had to laugh about the gym bag condo! Our pets sure have wonderful imaginations, don't they! Funny, how many things my children have let Livvy "take over" that I never imagined they would. It is fun to see!

  15. Thanks! She is the sweetest ferret ever.

  16. Aawww,this is soooooo cute! love itttt!

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