17 thoughts on “The National Weather Service…

  1. I hope so too! We could sure use it. At least it didn't hit 100 today. 🙂

  2. We got a little more rain on Saturday evening but none yesterday…it is cloudy today…maybe more rain…yea…hope you get some too.

  3. Hi Maureen, sorry for the late response! We didn't get anything in my area but the Scottsdale area did (east valley). I guess they had a very big storm. We just got some rain and some dust. We were hoping for more though.

  4. We had a lovely rain yesterday…did you get any?

  5. Thanks Rima. I'm staying in Air Conditioning all day today. 🙂

  6. Oh me too, it is to be 100 here today…it was 100 yesterday…but there are some clouds so we may not get to 105 and that would be fine with me!
    We had some afternoon storms to the west and east of us yesterday but not a drop on us! We watched the evening news and Tucson got tons of rain yesterday afternoon…I hope today is our turn.

  7. Try to keep cool Monsoon!

  8. Sure, Irony, I would love to send some of this heat your way. Its been a very long time since I've experienced 54 degrees F. I would definitely welcome it. Its going to be 112 today.

  9. That exactly how hot it is here today. 😉 At least thats how it feels.

  10. It's supposed to be 112 here today. I'm so ready for some moderate temps!

  11. LOL. You know its hot when even the ice cream truck melts. 😉

  12. Kimmers I'm guessing its really hot where you are too. You aren't too far from here. 🙂

  13. Ha, I sure know the feeling..not as hot here but still hot!

  14. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!! it was THAT hot here a week ago.

  15. Hilarious! Send some of the heat wave over. For us summer is over. We're down to 54 F and counting. It's only one way now….

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