11 thoughts on “Just Like Moving Into A New Home…

  1. Hello..I guess it is new to all of us..The ultimate advice for unfamiliar situations is da da..’one thing at a time’ and ‘read the manual’ of course there is your own charming ability to accept or not accept quietly..That’s all I can do at this point..dashboard is like GO on a monopoly board..HO HO HO..Peace Tony

    • I suppose in time this will make sense to all of us. LOL. Right now we are kind of fumbling our way through it, aren’t we? It will be neat though to learn about all the functions of it.

  2. I went to my account and clicked on “global dashboard” and on that page, I clicked on “blog surfer”. On that page, you can add everyone. If their blog is private, they have to invite you. So, I have a list on that page. Hope that helps!!

  3. By the way – what theme did you chose to be able to put in your picture?

  4. Tell me about it!
    I go to people’s pages and look for the ‘subscribe’ button.
    If I can’t find that one I comment and tick of that little box :)) Haven’t gotten any further on figuring this thing out either.

  5. When you go to your dashboard, you have to clickon links on the left hand side and add people – I think that is what I did. I need to lie down!

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