Settling In Post-Labor Day Weekend

Well, this new blog has definitely taken some getting used to!  So far so good though.  I spent a great deal of time today figuring all of this out (for the most part) but have a feeling I still have a long way to go. 

We camped over the weekend with a crowd that we meet up with every Labor Day Weekend.  Someone counted over 50 people in attendance on Saturday night.  This trip started up in 1978 with three families in attendance.  The adults of this trip have all retired and now enjoy the company of their kids and grandkids.  We are lucky to be friends with these kids who continue to invite us year after year.   Each night there is a food theme.  On Friday night we have chicken wings.  Everyone tries their hand at a different type of wing; barbecue, parmesan crusted, and buffalo.  Saturday night we feast on turkey and brisket which is cooked throughout the day in a dutch oven over coals in the ground.  It’s like Thanksgiving.  Then Sunday night is appetizer night.  It is amazing how creative folks get when camping.  This isn’t just Ritz crackers with canned cheese.  We have baked brie with apples, mozzarella cheese with basil and balsamic vinegar, potstickers and many other delictables that one would not expect to find in the woods (hungry yet?). 

This year my husband and I set off with his sister and her 21 year old son.  We all had so much fun camping over Memorial Day that we decided to do it again for Labor Day.  We arrived Friday afternoon with no trouble.  I still bring my own car just in case.  We set the camper up and just had the rest of the weekend to hang out.  Some of these folks we only see once a year on this trip so it was nice to catch up and see how their kids have grown. 

I grew a little annoyed at my nephew.  Although its not a deal breaker for future trips, I found that I did a fair deal of cleaning up after him which got old real quick.  He also is not working currently and drank a good portion of my husband’s beer and of my wine.  In the future we really need to establish some ground rules before leaving.  Its my vacation, too.  I don’t want to spend it cleaning up after someone who really should know better.  I didn’t say anything over the trip but I did ask him to at least throw his plate away and place the used forks in the sink when he was done.  My husband had to remind him to pick his clothes off the floor.  We both agreed that we will be sure that there are a few things made clear before the next trip.  All in all though it was a wonderful trip.  We were both lucky to get this past Friday off from work so we were able to head up much earlier than anticipated.  The hardest part about this trip is coming home to the heat.  This will probably be the last camping trip we take until next season.

10 thoughts on “Settling In Post-Labor Day Weekend

  1. @Emjay: I’ve been keeping up with your trip to Australia. How fun! I’m glad you were able to get things transferred over to WP before leaving. Hopefully you’ll get this message. For some reason I have no reply button. I was thinking it was the theme but I noticed you were using the same theme and have reply links. Not sure if its something I’m doing or not. Weird.

    Camping was a lot of fun. Where we have a camper, which is quite comfortable I might add, I feel like we are kind of cheating in a way. It’s not like staying in a hotel but its way better than a tent and taking ‘nature walks’ in the morning. 😉

  2. @kimkiminy: you are welcome on our camping trips anytime! Now thats what I’m talking about! 😉

  3. Sounds like you had a wonderful time – though I am not into camping at all I love to read other’s experiences of it. And when I hear horror stories it totally assures me that I’m right in never wanting to go camping! LOL.

    When I saw that vox was closing I was in the throes of getting ready for my month in Australia. I could not get the TypePad transfer to work and was starting to think that I just would not have anything done before it all evaporated into cyberspace. Luckily the WP tool worked very easily and quickly so all was saved just before my flight!! I haven’t really had much time to fiddle around with it yet – I don’t really want to go back to work and tell people I spent my vacation time fiddling on a blog site LOL.

  4. I consider it a personal challenge to have the most gourmet food possible while camping. Steak and mushrooms, anyone?

  5. One really gets to know folks..even close proximity..sometimes I wonder if those habits (throwing clothes on the floor etc.) are the basis for a new religion..they are so deeply ingrained and protected..HO HO..and off to is Rosh of is my birthday..Peace Tony

  6. This sounds really lovely. Especially that thing with the families continue growing as the generations grow up and have their own children.
    Your nephew on the other side LOL if he would have been mine he would have slept outside with the coyotes (? at least I imagine them being in that area) *harharhar*

    • It really is a neat thing to be a part of. I’m very happy that we are included each year.

      There are definitely coyotes out there. LOL. The last time he camped with us he did sleep in a tent and the coyotes were howling. I think that is part of the reason he stayed in with us. 😉

  7. I am glad you had so much fun camping. So sorry to hear that your nephew acted the way he did. That sounds very immature. But, you seem to have a great attitude 😉

    • Hi Freedsom, yes, it was a blast! Kids will be kids I guess. I think he might have different rules at home. We’ll just have to make sure that he understands our rules while away with us. 🙂 Hope you had a great weekend!

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