Surrounded By So Much Beauty

It’s been 9 years since I packed up my car and drove out here from the Northeast.  There are times, even now, that I am in complete awe of the surroundings here.  At times it has moved me to tears.  The picture above does actually capture what the sunset here looks like on occasion.  I have seen people in their cars pull over just to watch it.

When I arrived here I thought in time I would take this all for granted.  That somehow seeing a saguaro cactus silhouetted in the setting sun would get old, or seeing the mountains shadowed in their crevices in the evening would eventually lull me into a state of complacency.  At this point this has not and will never be.  Each trip out of the house, each trip across the state yields more than I can take in sometime.  A few weeks ago I drove through the Painted Desert on the way to Monument Valley.  I had never seen mountain sides striated in shades of lilac and lavendar.  It almost didn’t look real. 

8 thoughts on “Surrounded By So Much Beauty

  1. That is a beautiful picture..I guess I am saying what has been said..but I love does Carmela..I saw it yesterday or this morning and am just getting back to it..beautiful post..Peace Tony

  2. My jaw dropped on the keyboard when I saw that first picture.
    I’ve seen a bit of Northern Arizona years back but never really the sunset out in the countryside. Absolutely stunning.
    If I weren’t so dependent on having a large body of water close by (read: ocean or in the current case fjord) I could absolutely imagine living in Arizona or even New Mexico

  3. I like the dark themes. The Saguaro cactus pic is stunning. I understand your awe; living in the mountains never gets old, either.

    • This is probably 4th theme I’ve had in a few days. LOL. I’m used to the lighter ones but I have to admit I’m really digging these darker ones.

      The mountains must be so beautiful where you are at! It’s so great to have appreciation for the beauty around us. I have friends who could drive by something so amazingly gorgeous and not even give it a second glance. I don’t get that.

  4. Wow, these pictures are gorgeous!!! They really show up against the dark background. I especially love the one with the golden sunset in the background and the outlines and dark shapes of the catuses!!! Fantastic!

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