QotW: What are the top 10 things I learned from TV

1.) Venomous snakes shouldn’t be kept as house pets, especially when there is no anti-venom for said snake at the local hospital.

2.) Law & Order always starts off with two folks in small talk and ends up with someone stumbling across the victim.

3.) The folks in the Febreeze commercials almost always speak with Canadian accents.

4.) When watching Telemundo or Univision someone inevitably faints or cries.

5.) Hamsters can drive cars while rapping.

6.) On the show Teen Moms I am consistently blown away by some of the strength and perseverence of such young people in extraordinary situations.

7.) That people in Venice, Italy at one time all wore masks.

8.) I learned of a great local restaurant from Guy Fiori.  It’s called ‘Matt’s Big Breakfast.’  Simply awesome!

9.) I learned of a local celebration over the existance of ostriches.  Good times.

10.) And finally, that a ginsu knife can cut a beer can in two and stay sharp.

Well, that’s it.  Stay thirsty my friends!

8 thoughts on “QotW: What are the top 10 things I learned from TV

  1. There was a reminder on the news tonight that it was snake season. Australia has all the good stuff – snakes, spiders, box jelly fish, sharks…yep we got ’em all.

    Welcome to Oprah!

  2. And why do people need to cut cans in two anyway?!?

  3. The only two I’d heard before were #1 and #5, so I learned eight things today without the TV. Cool!

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