Week of Joy – Post 3

“I saw nothing!  I swear!  I’ve been framed.  The ferret did it.  Really!”

I had another picture in mind for today but this is what greeted me when I got up this morning.  I had to laugh.  You can just see the guilt in her eyes.  She is such a good dog but I think she may be a bit bored at night when we are all sleeping.  Looks like it is time to invest in some new chew toys!  🙂

16 thoughts on “Week of Joy – Post 3

  1. My boys are like that. They always tell on themselves! Now my old girl, she is really good at playing, “I know nothing…”

    I need to start showing my lil’ boy’s face on here, he’s got so many emotional faces it’s cute and creppy!

    • I would love to see! Dogs, I find, the more I get to know them, are more humanlike than we think. Abby is very expressionate as well. I swear at times she smiles when she is happy.

  2. Very nice floor tiles too. I want some of those.

  3. That is a priceless look on the dog’s face. I know that look, buns get it (except the 3 legged one as she is a bossy little cow with a deserving attitude. You left that on the floor? It’s mine now, byotch!)

    • Isn’t that funny? I had no idea that buns get that guilty look as well. Your bun sounds a bit like my ferret in her younger years. She has since mellowed out but if we left anything within her reach it would be ultimately be hidden in the hidey hole of her choice. This includes keys, checkbooks and socks, yes, lots of socks!

      • I had a friend in the states who had a ferret. One night I sayed over. I was on the sofa and heard some rattling. I looked behind it, and the ferret had stashed lots of bags of crisps and stuff. My friend had no idea.

  4. The jury convicted him, and that means he’s guilty! Lol. Aww, what a cute, adorable doggy.

  5. elizabethfrank123

    ahah she certainly does have the “butter wouldn’t melt” look 😛 bless her

  6. She has the cutest look on her face!! I think dogs look quite guilty when they keep their heads down but look up with their eyes!!

    Yes, few chew toys are in order!

    • She is a very expressionate dog. More so than dogs I have had in the past. People will often say she looks like Bolt of the Disney cartoon movie fame. I think I have to agree. And yes, I must get her some new dog toys! 🙂

  7. OMGoodness, she looks *extremely* guilty! Poor dear…

    • Doesn’t she? She doesn’t get away with much. I can usually tell by the way she is acting if she has done something wrong before I actually find the wrong-doing. Her guilty look gives it away. Luckily for her she is so darn cute.

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