Week of Joy – Post 4

Sea of Flowers

This was taken a few weeks back on the journey to Monument Valley and is located a few miles east of Flagstaff, AZ.  We decided we were going to see Sunset Crater and took a turn off the freeway.  As it turns out, it was quite expensive to get into the park and then it was another 20 miles or so to the crater.  The road to even reach the park was the real treat.  All these daisies were in bloom and it was a glorious sight to see them swaying in the mountain breeze.

11 thoughts on “Week of Joy – Post 4

  1. How beautiful! Entrance fees to National Parks here are expensive too.

    • Hi Emjay. We’ve had so many state budget cuts so I think parks are trying to make up for it in other ways.

      This road was truly beautiful. Its hard to believe than in another month or two it will be most likely covered in snow.

  2. Lovely shot – so pretty.

    I wanted to pull over this weekend while driving, but the drivers on that interstate at a nit nuts. The mountains with their fall and dry (Not much rain this year) colors – it was just so pretty.

  3. Unbelievable beauty. Jaw-dropping, indeed! You should have tried Meteor Crater, which isn’t very far from there. Fascinating visit.

    • It was so cool to see. Yes, I’ve seen exits for that off of I-40. That is on my ever growing list of things to see in this state. That and Canyon de Chelly to name a few.

  4. If you live near there I am well jealous. I took my son out there to the desert for three weeks late 2008. It was amazing, trip of a lifetime, and just the two of us (he was 19). I let him drive the Jeep I rented even though I was not supposed to (as he was under 21)…weeee…95 mph and no others cars in sight. And miles and miles of desert sky. We saw many amazing things, including the Grand Canyon, Petrified Forest, and my favourite, Valley of Fire. But we did not get to Bryce Canyon. After I tried to talk my husband into us moving out there. I would love it!

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