15 thoughts on “Week of Joy – Post 5

  1. Great photos and I love your new site and the banner is over the top!

  2. I absolutely love Nietschze. Sorry to early to spell that name right! Nice piccies too.

  3. “Live Dangerously and You Live Right”
    I’ve always enjoyed reading quotes about the importance of being adventurous, living on the edge, and pushing our limits as the best way to live.

    • I’m so in agreement with that. When I look back at some risks I’ve taken they were so worth it! (In some cases though, I’m lucky to still be here alive to write about it.) 😉

  4. Wonderful! BTW, messing with geese *is* living dangerously!

  5. Wonderful joyful pictures!! I love them all, especially the lady laughing!

  6. Aahhh! The first one could be me *sigh*

    Dangerously, or ignoring – often surmised – fear and go for it.

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