Autumnal Question

Capt. Stephel asks: Depending on your hemisphere, spring or fall is arriving on Wednesday. Show us what you love and/or hate about the season.

It’s Fall here in the desert.  Not that you would actually know.  It was 111 F on Sunday.  Here are the things I dislike about it (and there won’t be many):

  • All the snow birds are back and the streets are flooded with out of state plates from people in colder climates.  What should be a 20 minute ride to work now takes 40 minutes.


  • Lower electricity bills from not using the Air Conditioning so much.
  • Going up north to see the leaves change or see snow.
  • Caramel apples!
  • Placing the comforter back on the bed.
  • Seeing the fluffy coat Monsoon, the wonder weasel gets.  This is commonly referred to the Russian Hat phase.
  • Actually using the heat every now and then.
  • Leaving the house in a light sweater and not sweating ones butt off.
  • A hot cup of coffee on a chilly morning.
  • Halloween  – my favorite holiday.  It gives me a great excuse to drink pumpkin beer while passing out candy (and then just plain passing out!)
  • Pumpkins for decorating and pumpkins for yummy Fall recipes.
  • And then finally, its nice to just open the front door in the morning and not feel the same blast of heat you’d feel if you had set your oven to broil and stuck your face in there.

The Desert Throughout the 4 Seasons Pictorial

Winter                                                                                                                  Spring



28 thoughts on “Autumnal Question

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  2. We had nice cool weather coming in, then last week it was back in the upper 90s… Record hghs everywhere around here. Today it cooled off again, and tomorrow we are suppose to get rain. A double yay! I’m watching the clouds get thicker now.

    I could never last long in the desert. I’m too much a winter/mountain gal. I want to move higher in them as it is. =) But I look forward to traveling more, seems that’s going to come with old age though. lol

    • Please feel free to send some of that rain this way. We are expecting it to be 105 and sunny for the next week. What ever happened to Fall?

      I hear you on the mountain part. We spend lots of time there camping in the summer. I grew up just a bit north of you so I have to admit that I don’t miss snow much. It is pretty at Christmas time though.

      I hear you on the traveling, LOL!

  3. Nice pics..pumpkins bring me to All Hallows Eve..C and I are going to do that this year..I look to the desert and am reminded of the a giant broom or squeegie..just moving..creating the mountains..stripping the topsoil..and forming the light of that..I am confident the desert will return to green..Peace Tony

    • Thanks Tony. This is such a great time of the year. So true about the deserts. If you ever get a chance, visit Kartchner Caverns. Its a bit south of here. They were found in the 1970s when a cattle driver was moving the heard over what he thought was a solid mountain until he could hear a hollow echo sound coming from below. It is pretty amazing what the glaciers and ancient oceans created. I will look forward to the day the desert turns green again. Not sure if I’ll be here to see it though. 😉

  4. LOL with the seasonal photos (with the Arroyo)! I forgot about the pleasure of drinking hot choc and should have put on my list. I like pumpkin beer too. I doubt I can get it over here.

    • That is actually located in the east valley and I believe that mountain to be one of the Superstition Mountains. Lots of history there.

      No pumpkin beer? Really? Can you ship beer? Maybe I could send you some. 😉

  5. That’s great you have to deal with the snowbirds. We call you all “Zonies” out here in San Diego when suddenly, around June or July, the roads are inundated with AZ license plates! (Actually, you’re very considerate drivers usually, and we do appreciate the tourism dollars.)
    Love all your Likes, plus the photos.

    • Ha, I have heard that we are called Zonies in SD….glad you like us.

    • Ah, hah ha! You got me there! 😉 We used to have a t-shirt shop called ‘Zonies’ here. I didn’t realize thats what we were referred to as in other parts of the country. Back in Boston we were called ‘Mass-holes’ so I think I would much rather be called a ‘Zonie’. I’m glad to hear that folks are at least courteous there while visiting. They are probably so happy to be out of the heat here that they are instantly in a good mood upon crossing the state border.

      Glad you enjoyed the photos too!

  6. Ha love the 4 desert seasons…but we do have some different cactus blooming etc. during the spring, summer and fall and our trees do lose their leaves here….great post!

    • Isn’t that funny? We do have a few trees here too that lose their leaves around December or so. The mountain depicted I think is part of The Superstitions and they from time to time will get a dusting of snow.

      • I’m near the Catalina Mt. and they get snow in the winter and it is so pretty. I’ve never gone to the Superstitions….*adds to list of places to see*

        • Is that anywhere near Sabino Canyon? I know I’ve seen it while traveling through. That is so neat that you are practically down the street from here.

          • Sabino Canyon is on the south side of the Catalinas and I’m on the west side of the mountains. We are about 5 miles from Catalina State Park.

            • I getcha! I really have to start spending more time there. There is so much there and the desert there is so much prettier than up here. Especially in the Spring.

              • Oh you are welcome to come down anytime. The fall wildflowers are dying and it isn’t pretty now as we haven’t had any rain in a while…well we got a few sprinkles last night but everything is drying up.

                Let me know when are are coming and we can do a photo shoot together…that would be a blast…if you don’t mind going with an old broad.

  7. LMAO!! I ab-so-lutely adore your picture series of the different seasons 😆 Great humor.

    And I think I would love to live in the desert for a while, if only to be able to appreciate autumn again. Right now it’s only the herald of a long cold and insufferable long winter. *sigh’

    • I just had to add it! LOL. I’m glad you found it funny.

      Its interesting that you say that. I remember feeling that very same way when I lived back east. I have to admit that it is nice to drive a few hours away to experience Fall/Winter, and then its nice to come back to Spring/Summer.

      How is winter in Norway? I picture it to be a winter wonderland but I’m guessing that is not the case if you have to shovel snow and try to drive in the stuff. I bet it is really pretty thought. Am I right?

      • When you come outside the city it is a pure winter wonderland. And if you like skiing it’s probably heaven.

        Though in the city it’s been – well not so nice. Especially recent years. It comes in masses, stays for a while which is nice. Then it gets just warm enough for the top layer to melt, then it freezes, some more melting, some more freezing. Within a couple of weeks you are wobbling ahead on 10 cm or more pure ice.
        What came down from roofs in the city was potentially deadly if you were in the wrong place at the wrong time. A young guy was in a coma for several months and the doctors had no or very little hope for him. But thankfully he survived without too much damage (never mind the cracked skull and a bunch of surgeries to patch him together)

        I just had to learn, even though I tried to be in denial for many years, that I am not built for the lengths of this winter here. I can do about 8 weeks maybe 10. If it’s a good winter lets increase it to 12 weeks. But late November (if we are really “lucky” the first snow appears in October but rarely stays) until the end of March with no guarantee that it might not snow in April, sometimes even May ……
        Forces me to consider a different climate.

        Any single men in the Sonora desert that might be interested 😆 *grinning devilishly*

        • I didn’t even think about the danger of the falling snow there. They must get a ton of it. I don’t think I would last too long in a snowy environment.

          Well, if you ever consider moving out to the desert, just let me know. We might be able to find you a man or two! 😉

  8. I love the beautiful colorful leaves, pumpkins, and caramel apples! They make me think of fall as well. The pictures of the desert are funny, as they are exactly the same 🙂

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