Does This Sound Fair?

Back in June I received a letter from a certain service provider we had at home that the card that they were withdrawing monthly payments from was about to expire.  Shortly after that I received another letter from the company that they were going out of business.  Seeing this I of course didn’t call to give them the new card number. 

As predicted the service was shut off and where my husband was laid off from his job shortly after, I didn’t bother to get a new service provider. 

So last night I’m watching tv with hubby and the phone rings.  I get a call from what I thought was a telemarketer (you know how you get a pause before someone actually gets on the line).  Don’t ask me why I didn’t just hang up.  It ends up being a woman from another service provider letting me know that I was now past due 4 months worth of payments equalling $200 total.  I told her I didn’t know what she was talking about.

Apparently the company I had originally been dealing with was sold to another provider and I was not notified of this.  I tried to explain that I hadn’t had service in months and purposely didn’t update the account where they were going out of business.  She told me to cancel then I would have to pay a penalty.  WTH?  I said, penalty on what?  I haven’t had service here in quite some time.

So anyways, to make a long story short, until I can get this resolved, they credited my account $50 to keep me from going into collection status.  I pretty much went through the roof.  I told them that I would refuse to pay on the grounds that I never had service.  I never received so much as a bill from them.  How the hell do I owe them money? 

Well, I’ve calmed down now but receiving a call like that on a Friday evening is pretty much the last thing anyone would want to hear.  Why is it when companies screw up its us that has to prove their wrong doing?

21 thoughts on “Does This Sound Fair?

  1. Rubbish! And, file a complaint with your local politician, like a state congress person.

  2. I’m sure you have recourse in this instance. You should contact your state’s attorney general. Service companies are obligated to abide by certain criteria. This sounds like they were hoping you would just cave and give them what they say you owe.

    Also if they call you again, I would definitely tell them you are contacting your attorney general.

  3. Ugh!!! I hate that. Nothing like having companies trying to run a scam on you…

  4. Yea I had an issue with harrassment over a debt that wasn’t mine once. I regret not taking them to court over it, it was a very nasty hateful time… Luckily the internet can provide you with all kinds of information. =)

    • Boy, companies can really stick it to you, can’t they? Once they say you owe something your stuck unless you have proof you don’t owe. If not then you’ve for sure got a fight on your hands. Thanks for the info on checking on the Internet.

  5. What a rort! Do you have a consumer advocates group that you can contact? Or local media – nothing like bad press to get them to change their minds!

    • Hi FD. If it gets that far I will tell them I’ll get teh local news involved, etc, and then I’ll contact the Better Business Bureau. I’m hoping it won’t get that far though and once they see that I haven’t had service for months they’ll come to their senses and work with me. We’ll see how it goes.

  6. I hope you get it worked out. Unfortunately, it will no doubt take your time and forcefulness, but in the end, I hope you win!!

    • Hi Freedom, thanks. Yes, I’ll just keep on them. My hope is that once they see that I haven’t had service in months that they’ll drop all the supposed bills. Stay tuned…

  7. Why is it calls like that always come on a Friday afternoon, when it’s too late to do anything about it except stew in anxiety for two and a half days…

  8. No doesn’t sound far at all. I had a bill come from a collection company..the bill was for a timeshare we own and it was for the annual fees.

    I had never received a bill from the timeshare and then get this bill from a collection agency with an addition $250 for their services added to the bill.

    I called the timeshare and they won’t talk to me as they turned the bill over to the collection agency…called the collection agency and they won’t change their charges. So I did a lot of research on the internet and found that our contact doesn’t require us to pay the annual fees…if we don’t pay the fees we can’t use the timeshare…guess what we haven’t used the timeshare…so the advice was to send a letter to the timeshare company that we are giving them back the timeshare in lue of the annual fees…I’m going to do that as we don’t want the timeshare and can’t afford to pay the annual fees.

    My research also shows that the collection agency can’t tag my credit history as the annual fees aren’t in my contract. It will be interesting…I would have paid the bill had I got one but not now.

    • Wow, that is crazy that you were being charged that! I wonder sometimes what these companies are thinking. Or are they thinking at all. And good for you for doing your research though. I don’t blame you for giving the timeshare back. All those things need to be brought up from the start. Not once you get going.

      Hubby got a call the other night from a collection agency as well stating he owed on a Bank of American card. Knowing he doesn’t have one and hasn’t had one since I’ve been with him, I asked when the date of the bill was. It was actually from 1991! I told the guy that they were way past the statue of limitations and not to call back. Whats even weirder is that hubby said he’s never even had a BofA card. Sounds like a scam.

  9. They claim to have given you service on an expired card? There’s no way they can collect on that.

  10. Sounds awful. Especially the timing. I absolutely feel for you and hope things can be resolved without any costs for you.

    We have something going on here, that provoked me into taking my steps.
    Not the same experience you are having, but it falls under “having to prove you are in the right when a company screws up”:

    About 5-6 years ago, the Oslo public transport company built up electrical card reading machines. We were suppose to get all fancy like other metros. About a year ago they finally starting up that they were actually usable.
    Part-time only though. Half the time the readers are out of order. You have to be careful when filling up you card, that it is actually being filled. Just in case – carry around the receipt to prove that you have paid.
    And about a week ago, I got into a control. I have never in my life sneaked on public transport – at least not to my knowledge – and in that control I was sure I had it covered. Though something went wrong and they treated me like I had an IQ barely high enough to survive.
    That was it for me. I went and got the good old paper version. And as for long as I can get a hand on it – I will continue buy it.

    • Thanks Irony. Hopefully once they realize that I haven’t had any service since June, they’ll drop the payments.

      Gosh, I feel for you in your situation. One would think they would just fix the problem all together so that you wouldn’t have to carry a receipt around.

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